How to Charge MacBook Air 2016


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The 5th-generation MacBook Air has been released on 29th April, 2014 with two different size models, 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch. Followed on the release of newest MacBook Pro, Apple halts sales of 11.6-inch MacBook Air. However, MacBook Air still features as one of the thinnest notebook that is due to the help of Flash storage. Flash storage takes up much less space than a traditional hard drive about 90% less. It saves space for other important things, such as a bigger battery. Therefore, you own a light notebook which can run almost all day long, although the keyboard has backlit and the operation is fast.

In addition, MacBook Air offers innovations you won’t find anywhere else, the MagSafe 2 power connector, the magnetic power cord of which attaches securely and detaches cleanly. Especially, when you trip over the power cord accidently, the magnetic power cord will breaks cleanly away from MacBook Air.



There are some Q&As for how to charge MacBook Air.

1. How to first charge a brand-new MacBook Air?

Apple gave the official suggestion about this problem that when you use your new MacBook Air at the first time, make sure it has been fully charged and update all software to the newest version, because there may be some new functions for saving batteries.

2. Should we fully charge MacBook Air and then use it up every time?

Before the battery capacity of MacBook Air decrease to 80% of initial capacity, there are up to 1000 times charge cycles. However, according to the explanation on Apple’s web, we can charge our Apple lithium-ion battery whenever we want. There is no need to let it discharge from 100% to 0% before recharging. Although Apple lithium-ion batteries work in charge cycles and one charge circle completes when you’ve used an amount that equals 100% of your battery’s capacity, the discharge power has no necessary all from one charge. It could take several days to complete one cycle. So you can charge as you like. Devices will automatically calculate the charge circle.


And there is a suggestion that it’s better to charge your MacBook Air when the battery is lower than 20% for the reason that when the battery is low, the voltage is low as well, and lithium-ion battery will be harmed in a low-voltage state during a long period.

3. After finishing 1000 times’ charge circle, Dose MacBook Air have to be scrapped?

“The capacity of any type of battery will diminish after a certain amount of recharging. With lithium-ion batteries, the capacity diminishes slightly with each complete charge cycle. Apple lithium-ion batteries are designed to hold at least 80% of their original capacity for a high number of charge cycles, which varies depending on the product.” This phrase is cited from Apple official website. Therefore, the battery capacity will keep above 80% after 1000 times’ charge circle rather than die. You can charge your MacBook Air anytime you want. It can work in a good condition in a period of at least 3-5 years.

4. Which is the better choice, using the battery installed in MacBook Air or keeping charging all the time?

For the protection of lithium-ion battery, it is important to keep the electrons inside it flow constantly. Apple suggests you do not use portable power connector. The comparatively ideal usage is using the battery inside Mac when you go out and power through a power connector after you come back to office or home. However, if you have a lot of work to do or plug in and power other devices on your MacBook Air via USB, make sure your MacBook Air is powered on by power connector.


5. If you will let your MacBook Air lie idle over half a year, what should you do?

All sentences below are cited from Apple official Website.

If you want to store your device long term, two key factors will affect the overall health of your battery: the environmental temperature and the percentage of charge on the battery when it’s powered down for storage. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • Do not fully charge or fully discharge your device’s battery — charge it to around 50%. If you store a device when its battery is fully discharged, the battery could fall into a deep discharge state, which renders it incapable of holding a charge. Conversely, if you store it fully charged for an extended period of time, the battery may lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life.
  • Power down the device to avoid additional battery use.
  • Place your device in a cool, moisture-free environment that’s less than 90° F (32° C).
  • If you plan to store your device for longer than six months, charge it to 50% every six months.

Depending on how long you store your device, it may be in a low-battery state when you remove it from long-term storage. After it’s removed from storage, it may require 20 minutes of charging with the original adapter before you can use it.

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