Can You Bring A Laptop on A Plane


When you travel, you have to bring a lot of electronic devices and batteries. Some airline passengers want to bring their laptop computers onto the plane, however, they may be not sure about whether it is permitted by Transportation Safety Administration. Do not ask the question that can I bring a laptop on a plane any more. Let me tell you whether you can bring a laptop on a plane. Although traveling with laptops is allowed and encouraged by TSA, there are still several rules and guidelines that you should pay attention to.


A “Checkpoint-Friendly” Laptop Bag

Checkpoint-friendly laptop bags include tri-fold style, butterfly style and sleeve style. These bags have separate laptop only sections, offer TSA screener an unobstructed view of the laptop inside of the bags, do not have snaps, zippers, or buckles, do not have additional devices, and do not have side pockets. If you use a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag, there is no need to remove your laptop out of your bag while you going through checkpoints.


Extra Items

In addition to a traditional carry-on bag, one extra item could be brought onto the flight. A laptop does not count as a carry-on-flight item. While you carry a laptop on flight, you also can choose to bring purses, diaper bags or portable DVD players as the extra item. Are Power Banks Allowed On A Flight?

Going through Security

According to TSA rules, if you do not use a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag, you have to put your laptop without bag into a scanning bin to pass through the X-ray machine. Airport security may ask you to turn on your computers or ask questions for knowing about the information of your computer. If you fail to follow security guidelines or answer questions, airport security has the right to confiscate your laptop. And it is better for you to put your name and address on your computer in case multiple laptops are passing through security, or you have to go through additional inspections.


Instructions in Flight

Most airlines do not allow laptops or electronic devices to be on while the plane is taking off. Flight attendants or pilots will inform you when cruising altitude is reached, when you are free to turn on your electronic devices. If you want to use the airplane’s wireless connection, you have to pay a little fee.

Hope my article can give you some advice about whether you can bring a laptop on a plane. You may also want to know whether you can bring batteries on a plane.

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Can You Bring A Laptop on A Plane》有44个想法

    1. If you carry it onto plane, then both installed and spares batteries are allowed on board, no matter it is large or small. Spare batteries must be packed with terminals covered/insulated to prevent short-circuiting. Original retail packaging is sufficient, or if not in original packaging, the terminals must be covered with non-conductive tape.But if you put it in your checked baggage, battery installed in equipment is allowed, but spare one isn’t.

    1. Damaged batteries can be dangerous. Whether they’re dropped, smashed, overheated or mistreated in other ways, lithium batteries can become unstable and have been known to ignite fires due to mistreatment.Batteries show clear signs of being unhealthy. Such signs includes bulging, discoloration, squashed, deformed, split case, leaking fluid. If your battery shows any of these signs, it should be replaced. It’s also a good idea not to travel with your batteries fully charged. Keeping charge levels at 40-70% will keep the particles that store energy in their most stable state during travel, minimizing the risk of thermal runaway.Batteries don’t last forever and it’s important to monitor them. Continual discharges, over-charges and quick-charges will eventually reduce the battery’s overall capacity and health.

  1. Well that’s a great advantage, I hate when people takes an eternity to take off their equipments in airports check points.

  2. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter what the rules are, rather it is how the rules are interpreted by the staff you come into contact with.

  3. I’ve brought my laptop on the plane but have never used it. I would like to on international. On domestic it’s a nice break.

  4. Yes, you can bring a laptop on a plane, but you have to cut it off during takeoff and landing. Thanks for this giveaway!


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