Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro has launched. Have you bought the new generation Macbook Pro for yourself? The first question comes out after you bought a new Macbook Pro, how do I  protect it? Have a case is the first choice. There are thousands of cases out there. Whatever your favor, you’ll want to keep your MacBook Pro safe with one of these bags, that’s essential and important to its lifespan. Below are recommendable laptop bags with good quality in my point of view.

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1.Tomtoc Laptop Briefcase

Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro 2

In addition to the central laptop compartment, Tomtoc’s laptop case features a second large zipper compartment for additional storage. With multiple penholders, small and large pockets, and elastic bands, Tomtoc’s laptop case makes it easier than ever to organize your digital life.

Being compact and lightweight, and can easily be carried on its own via the handle or slipped inside a backpack or briefcase.

2.EasyAcc Laptop Sleeve

Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro 3

Chevron texture cotton-flax is designed to against daily wears. While the velvet lining helps to maintain the fresh look of your laptop. With a soft pad layered in the middle, there will be no more worries for minor impact.

Special zipper opening enables you to feed your laptop without removing the case — a lazy charging solution for business travels on the go. There is an extra space for your mouse, earphones and other little gadgets. And a compact handle makes the case not only a sleeve case but also a portable laptop bag.

3.Moshi Codex 13 R

Best Laptop Bag for Macbook Pro 4

The Moshi Codex 13 R is designed for the MacBook Pro, it comes with choices of metallic black and titanium gray for your MacBook. It’s lightweight, portable and exquisitely crafted. It’s high-tenacity leather with an elaborate metal wiredrawing craft that not only gives the MacBook a low key fashion protection, but calm elegance of the unique temperament. Codex all-round protects MacBook Pro from external wear and tear, and its low zipper intimate design does not affect the MacBook’s all jacks. So you do not need to remove the Macbook and it can be easily used.

Its innovative retractable handles allow Codex to be more compact and space-saving. Codex’s surface is protected against splashing and allows you to carry it when you are out on rainy days. In addition, Codex internal use of the world’s first Viscotex ™ four angles shockproof and ultra-fine fiber lining which can protect the MacBook from bumps in all directions.

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