Amazon Echo: A Wireless Speaker or A Voice Command Device

amazon echo

Some people are not familiar with Echo. It is an intelligent control device from Amazon with a voice assistant call “Alexa”.


Who is Echo?

Amazon Echo can be a control device for smart home and a speaker at the same time. Designed with cylindrical shape, it is 10 inches high that can be display in anywhere you want at home. It is WiFi supported and can be as a Bluetooth speaker to play online music. Also, Echo can be a reminder and offer you variety of information after activating by voice echo


Who is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant pre-installed in Echo that can receive voice command. When you are using Echo, you can start asking question or sending command after call echo


Amazon Echo is a beautiful Bluetooth Speaker and “Alexa” will always listen to user and execute command, but it just offers content from Wikipedia and few databases. Therefore, there is a limitation for its service. Also, even though, in Bluetooth mode, Echo has seven microphones and can use the music service in cellphone as Bluetooth earphones, it can be used to do hands-free calls. What’s more, as a music player speaker, Echo just performs fine in low pitch and the voice distorted in high pitch, which is totally unprofessional.

amazon echo

Amazon Echo is still in test stage and we believe that Amazon will improve its function. But considering about the two roles it want to play, wireless speaker and virtual assistant, and the price $199, it is not worth for user. The virtual assistant in smartphone is far more convenient than this, and you can definitely get a great wireless speaker in lower price. 

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