Best Places for Christmas Holiday

It is close to end of year and the festive season. After Thanksgiving Day, Christmas is following behind. When comes to Christmas Day, nothing can be better than gorgeous lighting sea, pieces of Christmas song, thoughtful gifts and a gourmet dinner with family to bring people into excitement. Christmas Day, a popular festival, which originatedContinue reading “Best Places for Christmas Holiday”

What do we usually eat on Christmas Day

Christmas originated from the birth of Jesus. People in western countries believe that at the day of December 25thJesus, the only god in the world, came into being. Thus, Christmas was set up for the celebration of Jesus. At first it is only the ritual of Christians.Subsequently this festival has spread around the world andContinue reading “What do we usually eat on Christmas Day”

Best Christmas Gifts for Child

Christmas is a big day for both parents and children. While parents are racking their wits about what to give to their lovely children, children are excited about New Year’s presents. Here is a gift list for children aged 6 to 16, if you are one of the exhausting parents, just take a look! 1.Continue reading “Best Christmas Gifts for Child”

How to Choose a Christmas Gift for Man

Usually, Christmas is a time to disconnect from work, catch up with family, sleep in, hang out with friends and watch some movies. However, the holidays are not all reindeers and fruitcake. It becomes a source of anxiety as you probably have the stress of choosing a Christmas gift.  Gender plays a big role inContinue reading “How to Choose a Christmas Gift for Man”

20 Awesome Presents for Travelers – From Cheap to Chic

      Unless you’re willing to hand over your own hard-earned airline miles, diehard travelers can be impossible to shop for: If things are going well, they won’t be home enough to enjoy that fancy new juicer. These are our picks for presents to make their travel days a little more luxurious–or to give them plenty ofContinue reading “20 Awesome Presents for Travelers – From Cheap to Chic”

Ways to Have Your Best Christmas Ever – Anywhere in the World

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, replete with trees, trimmings, carols, and the unmistakable sounds of shoppers and merrymakers preparing for the holidays. No matter where you are or where you’ll be for Christmas – be it among the snow-capped  mountains or in the sunny climes south of the Equator, where itContinue reading “Ways to Have Your Best Christmas Ever – Anywhere in the World”

Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for Your Desktop & Phone 2015

It’s the perfect time to give yourself a little bit of seasonal cheer by decorating your desktop or tablet or phone with beautiful Christmas wallpapers. This Christmas, EasyAcc has designed 6 fabulous Christmas wallpapers for you to cheer up even while you’re working in front of your boring PC dispaly. With Christmas celebration just around the corner,Continue reading “Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for Your Desktop & Phone 2015”

Giveaway: EasyAcc In-Cable 4,000mAh Power Bank (CLOSED)

What’s Smashing Today? The whole world have now jumped on the mobile computing bandwagon.  Everything, be it internet access, games, musics and walking directions are now in your hands. It is truly powerful, until you run out of battery. Of course, there are several ways to extend battery life. Generally, it would sound something likeContinue reading “Giveaway: EasyAcc In-Cable 4,000mAh Power Bank (CLOSED)”