Best Places for Christmas Holiday


It is close to end of year and the festive season. After Thanksgiving Day, Christmas is following behind. When comes to Christmas Day, nothing can be better than gorgeous lighting sea, pieces of Christmas song, thoughtful gifts and a gourmet dinner with family to bring people into excitement. Christmas Day, a popular festival, which originated from western countries, nowadays has become a feast for the people all around the world. The Christmas is around the corner, are you preparing for it? Where would be your destination? If you are still hesitate where to go, the following places can be listed into your options.


Sydney Australia
Sydney, as one of the most picturesque cities in the world, is one of the best holiday destinations for Christmas. The weather here is warm and comfortable which showing a big different from that in the northern hemisphere. Comparing to having a Christmas holiday around by a white picture of snow, you can enjoy a holiday by holding a party and having a feast on Bondi, an attractive beach located in the East of Sydney, to soak up the sun and relax. When night falls, Bondi will be brightly lit in which you immerse yourself in the music with a glass of champagne in your hand or throw yourself to the crowd to dance the night away!


If these are not enough for you, you can explore this beautiful city by visiting Harbor Bridge which is very near to the Opera House and you can try to look forward to do the Pylon Walk. If you are more adventurous, the spectacular Harbor Bridge Climb would be the best choice for you. From here, you would be able to get then perfect view of the Circular Quay, the Open House as well as the Sydney Harbor. So you can click different pictures that would make it look very beautiful.


New York
New York City can also draw you into a dreamlike world on Christmas holiday where you can witness lots of enjoyment and attractions for the special occasion. It is full filled with the most wonderful Christmas Decorations and is the best place for your Christmas shopping where all branded items can be purchased without any sort of worries at all. In this shopping paradise, you would be able to choose the latest trends of fashionable ornaments for yourself and your family as well that would serve to be the perfect gifts for them. Of course, Times Square and Central Park also cannot be missed when you visit New York. You can enjoy ice skating and horse drawn carriage which would prove to be the best and excitement for your family.


Celebrating your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Greece is like finding yourself in an expressionist work of art: decorated Christmas trees, shiny bright ornaments and small Christmas ships decked with blue and white lights illuminate the streets in honor of St. Nicholas, harmonious bells and children’s carols echo through cities and villages. In this mosaic of Christmas sensations, your holiday experiences would be rendered even more colorful by the deep blue of the seas, the green forest of the mountains, the red of the sunsets, and the rich violet of the night sky. You would be involved in the aged-old Christmas customs from this ancient nation and find a peace in your deep heart for churches, large and small, are magnificently lit and echo with the joyful melodies of bells.


Do they win your heart for you Christmas? There are too many choices to make for the uniqueness of different cities. Make a full preparation by taking most of your family members’ idea into consideration so that you can fill the whole family with excitement!


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