Best Christmas Gifts for Child

Christmas is a big day for both parents and children. While parents are racking their wits about what to give to their lovely children, children are excited about New Year’s presents. Here is a gift list for children aged 6 to 16, if you are one of the exhausting parents, just take a look!

1. The Nutcracker Doll
The first present recommended here is the nutcracker doll, it’s a traditional gift which will never become out of fashion. The cute image of nutcracker doll makes it appealing enough to children of different ages.


2. Bicycle
Buying your child a bicycle is also a good choice. For one thing, children can get some exercise while riding a bike, for another, they can learn to socialize with peers by going biking together.


3. Camera
Get your child a camera to let her or him record everything they interested in will be funny and meaningful. Just think of the moment that they look at those photos when they grow up!

4. Book
As the saying goes: “What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave”, it’s important for child to form a habit of reading and learning. As to what to read, there is a wide range of choices—-each kind of book which is beneficial to child deserves reading.


5. Basketball
Playing basketball is a kind of sport which is preferred by boys. Many boys consider basketball stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron Raymone James as big heroes and are dreaming of being as strong and skillful as their idols. So you can just choose a basketball of high quality as the Christmas gift for your boy, he’d like it.


6. Watch
It is necessary for child to know the importance of time. With a watch to remind them how fast time past will make sense.

7. Guitar
Many children want to be cool, and there’s nothing cooler than a guitar! It’s just a little exaggerated of course, but it’s true that many children like guitar—-they’d enjoy singing a favorite song with the melody of guitar. Sounds not bad, isn’t it?


8. Pet
Sometimes parents are too busy to accompany their child, so giving the child a pet such as a lovely dog, a cute cat or a pet turtle is also a good choice. Besides, growing a pet can also cultivate child’s sense of responsibility.


9. Mobile Phone
Children need to keep in connection with their parents and friends too, especially those 16-year-old teens, and that why a mobile phone is recommended here.

10. Concert Ticket
If your child dreams of going to a concert, then just buy her or him a ticket as a gift. Or you can go to the concert together with your child! It must be an impressing experience.

Well, above are the suggested gifts. And one more thing I’d like to say is that parents’ care and love is always the best gift for children no matter what day that day is.


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