What do we usually eat on Christmas Day


Christmas originated from the birth of Jesus. People in western countries believe that at the day of December 25thJesus, the only god in the world, came into being. Thus, Christmas was set up for the celebration of Jesus. At first it is only the ritual of Christians.Subsequently this festival has spread around the world and causes great influence to the world. Now people held celebrated religious ceremonies in the church and also set up colorful celebrations at home. Thus, eating special food together became an acclaimed event.



On the traditional Christmas dinner table, roast turkey is an indispensable dish.The turkey once was a specialty of the Americas. And with the mounting immigration from Europe towards America, Europeans began to try turkey as the substitute of roast goose. Much to their surprise, they find turkey was more delicious than goose. Gradually, turkey became popular among British and America people. Its fresh and tasty meat, high ratio of lean meat, rich protein, low cholesterol and less fat have pushed it to the Christmas dinner table.


Red wine

Red wine is one of the hot wines which Germans eat on Christmas Day. It is a kind of heated wine. But in addition to the general wine ingredients, manufacturers will also add some different ingredientsinto it, such as cinnamon, lemon, honey, and even fruit spirits to fit people’s different tastes. Many Germans who finished work by midnight also enjoy drinking a cup of red wine immediately to warm up. It is a very special drink.


Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding is a traditional food, too. It originates from the frumenty. Since the oven appeared in some aristocratic luxury homes in the14th century, they try to put porridge in the oven and baked a cake. Nowadays family members will get together from work and create a Christmas pudding by hands together. It has become a symbol of unity and harmony.


Smoked ham

The traditional Christmas dinner used to contain roast pig, hambecause in the Catholic countrythe pig symbolizes the “rich”. People are eager to become rich because of the occasional hungry feeling which caused by low level of productivity. And to have a big meal has become a very expectant thing. Smoked Ham often containssweet coated sauce on the surface, such as honey or cherry pomegranate sauce. The sauce and sweet wine can perfectly constitute the smoked ham.



Gingerbread is Germany’s most famous traditional Christmas food.It is a kind of pastry which made by the mixture of honey, brown sugar, almonds, candied fruit and spices.It is said that imported spices ginger was very expensive during the Crusades, so it was used only at Christmas and Easter Day. The ginger in the pastry adds a special taste to the pastry, which was loved by amounts of people. Moreover,its function of expelling cold even makes it more popular. Gradually, it has become the indispensable biscuit on Christmas Day.


It is always delighting and exciting to talk about food on such a celebrated festival.After looking through these pictures above have you made the decision to go for a big dinner on the Christmas Day? Come on, buddy!



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