Will iPhone 12 have USB-C port?

The European Union is proposing a universal charging method for consumer electronics, including smartphones, which means that Apple would finally yield to the mainstream USB-C. If the proposal is passed into law, possibly by the time around Q3 2020 according to TechCrunch, Apple may have to use USB-C into its iPhone 12 line at leastContinue reading “Will iPhone 12 have USB-C port?”

How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone 7(7 Plus)

Most of people can only find out problems when it troubles your life. To a large extent, you realize that the charging port on your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) needs to be cleaned out when it cannot work. If your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) doesn’t charge or contact unstably when you plug into the charger, or theContinue reading “How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone 7(7 Plus)”