Will iPhone 12 have USB-C port?

The European Union is proposing a universal charging method for consumer electronics, including smartphones, which means that Apple would finally yield to the mainstream USB-C. If the proposal is passed into law, possibly by the time around Q3 2020 according to TechCrunch, Apple may have to use USB-C into its iPhone 12 line at least in the European Union. 

What is the benefit of adopting USB-C?

The Parliament considers this action as “an urgent need”, based on the fact that around 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated globally per year, with an average of more than 6 kg per person. More specifically, consumers have to bring different chargers for different devices — for the three main ports Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning port, or for their Apple products, carry a lighting-to-Micro USB adapter everywhere. That is a painful experience for both users and the environment. 

Actually, lightning cables should have been ditched a long time ago. Infamous for their absurdly high failure rate, this little stuff has caused too many replacements and earned for Apple insanely high margins. If Apple finally adopts USB-C across the world, the iPhone would probably be even more popular for its durability and more compatible with various smartphone and PC peripherals.

Other possible results?

Confronted with such an overwhelming resolution, Apple must have its own considerations, of course. Apple has always defined itself as effective and unique, so adopting USB-C as many other tech giants sound like a deviation from the original concept. In the latest crop of renders released by ConceptsiPhone on YouTube, the new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are shown to get the same design as iPad Pro with flat edges. The Slider and the volume buttons are retained, but the charging port is gone. That is to say, the new iPhone solely relies on wireless charging for filling up its batteries. Having no physical ports mean iPhones will have less moving parts and it can improve water resistance or make more room for a bigger battery. In addition, we would also expect a pair of AirPods bundled with the new iPhone — which makes sense if it is portless. On the flip side, the technology of wireless transmission of power and data is now still in its infancy, and it’ll likely be a few years before people are ready to ditch their wires for good. 

Another guess is that Apple would maintain two versions of the iPhone, one with lightning and one with USB-C. But that is unlikely to happen considering would have to design and manufacture two different types of the phone just to keep lightning port in certain markets. 

The rumors about whether Apple will remove the lightning connector or not had appeared early in 2018, when rumors said that iPhone X would have no ports. This time, we are still not sure if the thing will happen on the new iPhone 12. However, one thing’s for sure: the iPhone first came with wireless charging, then the AirPods followed suit, and we finally got the USB-C to Lightning cable with the iPhone 11 Pro. Generally speaking, wireless charging and USB-C are the trend. So, whatever the result will be, we would be confident enough for the new iPhone 12, just as what we did before.


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