How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone 7(7 Plus)


Most of people can only find out problems when it troubles your life. To a large extent, you realize that the charging port on your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) needs to be cleaned out when it cannot work. If your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) doesn’t charge or contact unstably when you plug into the charger, or the charging speed is slower than before, it’s time to clean your iPhone 7 (7 Plus)’s charging port. When dust or fluff in your jeans’ pocket goes into the charging port, they hinder the charging cord to create a great connection with your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) .

How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone 7 (7 Plus):

Step 1: Power off your iPhone 7 (7 Plus)

Step 2: Find a toothpick or a needle if you worry about toothpick will break off and remain in the charging port of iPhone 7 (7 Plus).

Step 3: Gently stick the toothpick or needle into the charging port of iPhone 7 (7 Plus) and go side to side to pull out small things in it. Be cautious not to scratch each side when you stick into it because this is where the connections are.

Step 4: Use dust remover to blow the charging port of iPhone 7 (7 Plus).

Step 5: Try to plug charging core into charging port and see if the connection is well. If it doesn’t, repeat step 3 and 4, and then check again.


If it is impossible to find a toothpick or needle for yourself, you can try this way presenting in the video blow.


After you try this method, if your iPhone 7 (7 Plus) still could not be charged, you may think about other possible reasons, such as to buy a new charging cable on Amazon.   


We are also able to prevent situations like this taking place by using dust remover to blow out things hide in charging port every six months. 


There is another tool to prevent dust and fluff going into charging port, named Dust Plug. It will protect your charging port from source. 


Hope this article could help you to solve your problem(how to clean an iphone 7(7 Plus) charging port ). Look forward to your comments.

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  1. Yes you are correct..My IPhone is not charging because of deposition of small pieces of cotton in charging port as u defined because of putting phone in pocket of Jean pant.I cleared it out through the pin and it worked immediately.Thanks for your advise.


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