Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely one of the best phone released in 2018, even though the design doesn’t have much difference with its predecessor S8, it still draw public attention by the upgraded operating system and camera performance. How to make the most of it once you have made up your mind to purchase one? Here are top 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories worth buying for your reference.


In my own experience, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are very slippery phones. They are quite outstanding in the function and design, but weak to be against falling or scratching. If you want to protect it, you gonna get a case for it. Instead of covering your Samsung Galaxy S9 with some ugly-designed case, I would like to recommend some basic crystal clear case first, there’s no reason to hide the original beauty of your Samsung Galaxy S9. 

EasyAcc Crystal Clear Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 $7.99


High-quality TPU makes it ultra transparent and slim, reveals the original design of your Galaxy S9. It’s anti-scratching and anti-slip, protect your phone quite well in daily use.

EasyAcc Ultra-Slim 0.45mm PP Thin Semi-Transparent $7.99


If you would prefer an even slimmer case, here’s the case, only 0.45mm thick and 5g heavy, you cannot even notice the case’s existence, but it’s right there to protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 for preventing the accumulation of fingerprints and dust.


Samsung keeps its memory card slot to extend storage on Galaxy S9, which is undoubtedly a great idea. If you are a heavy user for photo and video shooting and don’t want to easy blood your storage, you can simply install a good micro SD card to place them.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter $33.99


This is quite the most cost-effective microSD card you can find at Amazon, around $30 to get extra 128G storage and an adapter is included in the box.


For me myself 3000mAh battery is surely not enough for lasting all day long, not mention for the commuters and gamers, therefore, a portable charger is a must-have accessory for most smartphone users.

EasyAcc MegaCharge D20 USB-C 20000mAh power bank $49.99


We have already known that Samsung Galaxy S9 uses the USB-C port for charging, thus a USB-C power bank is perfect for S9 product line. USB-C is not only future-proof but also trending for most main-stream phones. EasyAcc MegaCharge D20 is the only 4-output portable charger with anti-reverse USB-C ports thoughtfully designed for customers. Double 5A inputs with USB-C reduce the recharge time to 4.5 hours, the shortest recharging experience for a 20000 mAh power bank, It’s able to charge S9 for about 4.5 times. Besides that, It’s  as light as a tall Starbucks, while the power is a beast. 

OUTXE Savage 20000mAh Rugged Solar Charger 4A Dual Input (Type C and USB) $55.99


Outxe Savage 20000 mAh power bank is seriously built rugged against water, dust and tumbles, thoughtfully designed for outdoors, additionally the built-in high-effective 2W solar panel offers you a reliable alternative and renewable eco-friendly energy source. ultra-fast output power up to 18W, it takes only 1.7 hours to fully charge Samsung Galaxy S9. It has a 35 hours-lasting strong flashlight, 3 modes includes SOS , it works even underwater. It’s the best power bank for outdoors with Samsung Galaxy S9, solid, reliable and powerful.

4.Wireless charger

Samsung Galaxy S9 supports wireless charging, and it takes around 2 hours and a half to fully charge it by using the convertible fast charging stand from Samsung, 

Generally speaking, wireless charging is much less efficient than the wired solution, if you wanna experience faster wireless charging, some qualified 3rd party wireless charging pads are available on the table, like Anker PowerWave and Ravpower fast wireless charger.



The genuine charging cable comes in the box is a USB-C to USB-A normal cable, the same as its predecessor, the problem comes when we use laptops only feature Type-C ports like Macbook, what if there’s no docking station available? We can choose a multi-function cable to cover it.

RAVPower Fast Charger 2-in-1 USB C to USB A / USB C Cable $11.99


It supports fast charging and speedy 480mb/s data transfer, either USB-A or USB-C port is conveniently to be plugged into any laptop or PC.  


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