Does Samsung Galaxy S11 have longer battery life

Samsung Galaxy S11 is about to release on February or March  in 2020.There are so many has been leaked and leaked and leaked. Have you tried the Samsung Galaxy Note 10? It has  4,300 mAh battery which allowed the Note 10 Plus to last an average of 10 hours and 47 minutes. It has 25W charger juices the phone pretty fast, as the battery reached 65% in 30Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S11 have longer battery life”

Can You Bring Batteries on A Plane

We always travel with our digital devices, such as cellphone, laptop, camera and so on. Therefore, battery is an important part of our trip. If the way of transportation is by airplane, can we bring batteries on a plane? How large batteries can we bring onto a flight? Installed and Spare Batteries Installed Batteries IfContinue reading “Can You Bring Batteries on A Plane”

Can I Charge A 3.7V Battery Pack With 5V Charger?

Your daily used Power Bank is equipped with a 3.7V cell, but the charger hast a 5V output, will you consider, if is safe to charge a 3.7V battery with a 5V charger? “My charger port is broke and I want to charge the battery pack, I need to know if a 5v charger willContinue reading “Can I Charge A 3.7V Battery Pack With 5V Charger?”