Can Bone Conduction Headphones Protect Your Hearing?

For more than 100 years, various modern products that can emit sound have appeared around us, and various earphones have also begun to be worn on our ears. They all have one thing in common – they have speakers that can produce sound independently. The existence of these things makes the sound of the world richer and more wonderful than ever before, but at the same time it has too many negative effects that cannot be ignored, one of which is hearing loss.

According to the World Health Organization, today, nearly 50% of people aged 12-35 worldwide are at risk of hearing loss. It is estimated that by 2050, about 1 in 4 people in the world will suffer from hearing problems. However, in recent years, a new type of earphone has appeared in people’s field of vision – it does not make any sound by itself, you only need to hang it on the pinna and put the earphone close to the ear cartilage to listen to music and make calls.

So, can this new type of earphone protect our hearing?

The principle of bone conduction headphones

The first use of bone conduction headphones dates back to the 18th century. It is rumored that Beethoven, who was deaf, put one end of a long rod on the edge of the piano (some say it was inserted in the piano, but the record is not clear), and the other end was contained in his mouth as close to the cochlea as possible, and the long rod transmitted the sound to the jawbone , and the cochlea of the inner ear. With this, Beethoven once again created an immortal movement. Therefore, bone conduction earphones directly bypass the ear canal and eardrum, play the role of the eardrum, and let the sound reach the cochlea of the middle ear and inner ear through the same frequency vibration of the skull. We can understand that bone conduction earphones omit the first half of the journey and take a shortcut. In fact, most of us have been exposed to bone conduction at some point. Put your ears close to the ground, and you can hear the footsteps of “tap, tap, tap” through vibration; cover your ears, and you can still hear yourself mumbling, which is a natural phenomenon of bone conduction.

Can Bone Conduction Headphones Protect Your Hearing?

To know whether bone conduction headphones can protect hearing, we need to know how traditional stereos, headphones and even other sound sources can damage our hearing. For a healthy ordinary person, the first thing to pay attention to is the eardrum in terms of the site of hearing impairment. People understand sound waves as drumsticks and eardrums as drumheads, and think that vigorous hammering may smash the drumheads, making you unable to hear the sound. But in fact, the eardrum is not as fragile as we imagined. The sounds we often hear in life will not cause direct damage to the eardrum, but if you may like to slap yourself, or must fall, or blow your nose vigorously, the eardrum will be damaged.

Another way damage to the eardrum comes from inflammation. In this regard, the bad use of traditional earphones, especially in-ear earphones, is more likely to bring related risks. For example, closed damp ear canals and unclean earphones lead to the spread of bacteria, causing inflammation, pus, and scabs, which in turn affect the health of the eardrum. Damage to the eardrum will of course directly lead to hearing impairment, which is called conductive hearing impairment.

The bone conduction earphones that take a shortcut not only bypass the eardrum, but also do not plug into the ear canal like traditional earphones, causing other problems. From this point of view, it does protect the ears and hearing to a certain extent.


Bone Conduction Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, Open-Ear Sweatproof Ultralight Sports Earphones with Mic for Running, Cycling, Driving, Gym, Headphones Compatible with iPhone/Android/IOS

  • 【Open Ear Headphones】WATAHATIC bone conduction technology use the ear bone part to hear the headset sound instead of ears, sound does not pass through the eardrum, which protects hearing and keep clean. Slick and ergonomic open-ear design can keep you alert to your surroundings and avoiding danger while enjoying the bluetooth headphones.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】The WATAHATIC bone conduction Wireless Earbuds Compatible with most Bluetooth music players, including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Android Smartphone, PC ,Mac and All devices with bluetooth.
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  • 【Lightweight & Stable Fit】Our earphones weigh 26 grams, made of premium soft silicone material, keeps running relax and enjoy pain-free listening. With ergonomic surround and streamlined sinking design, the sports bluetooth headphones can keep on ear when running, dance, or wearing glasses.
  • 【9D sound &Non-leakage technology】BLUETOOTH 5.0 compatible with your iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices. No voice leak technology to protect your privcy when workout.

PURERINA Bone Conduction Headphones Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Wireless Earphones with Built-in Mic, Sweat Resistant Headset for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Driving

  • Open-Ear Design: Bone conduction headphones deliver premium audio through the cheekbones, resulting in high sound fidelity and clarity. The open-ear design allows you to enjoy music without missing the sound of your surroundings.
  • Safety & Connection: Wearing Han Seoukin Co open ear bluetooth headphones, the surrounding sounds can still be heard, avoiding potential dangers. Using a bluetooth 5.0 chip, the black wireless headset connection is stable and fast. High sound quality, giving you a wonderful music experience.
  • Stable & Comfortable: The titanium memory metal frame has a bending recovery effect, which can keep the sport headphones stable during strenuous exercise. PureRina bone conduction headphones weighs only 30 grams and have silicone pads on both sides. It is light and comfortable, suitable for long-term use.
  • Dust & Water Resistant: Certified IP55 waterproof, our sports wireless earphones are resistant to sweat, dust and moisture. Perfect for outdoor and indoor sports like running, cycling, hiking, working,etc.
  • Long Battery Life: With one charge, it can provide up to 6 hours of continuous music and calls. Built-in 230mAh lithium battery, standby time up to 240 hours. You can enjoy music comfortably at any time.


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