How to charge properly to make the battery more durable?

With the increasing use of mobile phones, the power of mobile phones is also a major problem. Many people feel insecure when their mobile phone power drops below 50%. Only when they carry a charging bank or charger can they feel secure enough. The batteries of electronic products have a service life. When the mobile phone was first bought, the battery power could last for a whole day, but after three or five years, the battery life seemed to be less durable. Today, let’s talk about how to properly charge the battery to make it more durable.

How to properly charge the mobile phone?

Do you think you should charge to 100% every time? Some people keep their mobile phones in a “full” state at all times to maintain enough power for a sense of security. However, keeping the battery at full or high charge for a long time will accelerate the aging of the battery and make it less durable. Therefore, after the mobile phone is fully charged, the charger should be unplugged in time to avoid being in a high power state for a long time, so as to prolong the battery life. Most people are used to charging their mobile phones before going to bed at night, but they can’t unplug the charger in the middle of the night to protect the battery.

Some mobile phone manufacturers have considered this problem for a long time. In order to slow down the battery aging, some mobile phones charge their phones quickly to 80% at night, then switch to the “slow charging” mode, and then charge the battery from 80% to 100% two hours before waking up according to the habit of each user in the morning. This design greatly reduces the time when the battery is fully charged, thus making the battery more durable.

Start charging when the battery is less than 20%?

Generally speaking, keeping the battery power of the mobile phone at 30% – 80% can make the battery more durable. When the battery power is lower than 20%, the mobile phone needs to be charged in time. However, it is not necessary to wait for less than 20% of the battery to be charged. Lithium ion batteries are suitable for multiple and small amounts of charging. It is better to keep the battery in a healthy state for a long time than to charge it quickly at one time. This charging method can also increase the number of cycles of the battery.

When charging the mobile phone, plug in the mobile phone or charger first?

Which of the following actions would you do first when charging your mobile phone? Plug the data cable into the phone or the charger into the socket first? In fact, this tiny difference is crucial to the battery life of mobile phones.

Surge is a transient over-voltage that exceeds the normal working voltage, which occurs in only a few millionths of a second. When you start charging your mobile phone, you may hear some slight buzzing sound when you put your ear on the phone, which is caused by the surge.

The correct step to charge the mobile phone is to insert the plug into the socket first, and then plug the data cable into the mobile phone. However, if you plug the data cable into the mobile phone first, and then plug in the plug to power up, a large surge may occur in an instant, which will damage the mobile phone for a long time.

Charging the mobile phone according to the correct steps can not completely eliminate the surge, but it can largely avoid the direct impact of excessive surge on the mobile phone.


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