How long to fully charge iPad Pro 2022

Apple in October 2022 refreshed its iPad Pro lineup, introducing a range of small improvements including the M2 chip, Apple Pencil hover, ProRes video recording, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 6E. When it comes to battery, the iPad Pro 2022 remains similar to its predecessor, still with a 20W charger in box, no MagSafe or reverse wireless charging.

How long to fully charge iPad Pro 2022

The 11-inch iPad Pro is equipped with a 28.65 watt-hour battery, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is equipped with a 40.88 watt-hour battery, both of which are claimed to offer up to 10 hours of battery life when surfing the web or watching video. For WiFi + Cellular models, it’s still as long as nine hours when surfing the web using 5G connectivity.

Using the 20W charger out of the box takes about three hours to fully charger the iPad Pro. But since the iPad supports fast charging, you can also use Apple’s 29W fast charger or third-party chargers to further cut down the charging time to two hours.

How to improve your iPad Pro’s battery life

Although the iPad Pro 2022 doesn’t have a much-improved battery, there are a number of things you can do to improve the performance of your iPad battery and keep it in top working condition. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your iPad’s battery:

  • Don’t leave your iPad at temperatures higher than 95º F or below 32º F, as extreme temperatures can affect or even permanently weaken battery performance.
  • If your don’t plan to use your iPad for a long time, leave it with a 50% charge is best for the battery performance. After that, turn the iPad completely off and store it in a cool area.
  • Limit background refresh. Some apps can still be power-hungry even when they aren’t running. Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh to find the culprit.
  • In the last resort, you can enable Low Power Mode, a one-touch way to reduce screen brightness, animations, and background app usage. This is the easiest way to extend the battery life, and your iPad will prompt you about this when it drops to 20%.


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