What to do if your Macbook trackpad stops working

Problems with Macbook trackpad can make it hard for you to work and even lead to accidental loss or alteration of data. While you may want to disassemble your laptop, it is not necessarily to do so. Here are some simple steps that can help you to sort it out quickly and avoid similar issues with your trackpad in the future.

1.Disconnect all peripherals

Sometimes, a wired mouse or wireless dongle may cause a issue in the trackpad, the first thing you need to do for troubleshooting is to remove any connected peripherals. After that, reboot your Mac and see whether the problem is solved.

2.Check MacOS update

If the first method is not working, check if your MacOS needs an update. Simply click the Apple logo in the menu bar, select “about this Mac”, and then choose “software update”. If the latest firmware is available, download it.

3.Reset trackpad

Most of us tend to change the trackpad settings to suit out needs, but it may cause the trackpad to be unresponsive. Go to Apple logo>>System Preferences>> Trackpad, and then make sure “Tap to Click” is unselected. In “Scroll&Zoom”, make sure Scroll direction>>Natural is selected.

4.Reset SMC

SMC, or System Management Controller, is controlling many of the low-level functions on your MacBook. Firstly, shut down your MacBook, and remove the power source and the removable battery. Press and hold the power button for five minutes, then reinstall the battery and power up the Mac. If it is a non-removable battery, press Ctrl, Option, Shift at the same time, and then press and hold the power button for ten seconds. After that, power up your Mac again.

5.Reset NVRAM or PRAM

NVRAM or PRAM is responsible for the dedicated configuration settings for your system, so it can also cause trackpad issues. Firstly, shut down your Mac, then press and hold Option, Command, P, and R until you hear the startup sound (which is about 20 seconds). If you Mac is equipped with the new T2 security chip, hold the keys until the Apple logo appears the second time.


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