Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?

Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated  flagship – the Galaxy S21 series on 14th January 2021.What do you expect on this Galaxy lineup?Speaking of the smartphone, we are all absorbed by the various advanced features,such as Infinity-O Display, the fatest charging speed, 50MP ultra vision camera  and so on. However, the old-school features has been ignored gradually.

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster?

Huawei P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus both feature an IR blaster, but iphone 12 series abandoned IR blasters on their flagship phones .How about Samsung Galaxy s21?Just like the Samsung Galaxy S20,Samsung Galaxy S21 also missed IR Blaster.Is IR blaster neccessary? The answer is sure.An IR blaster can extend your remote’s range and play important role in daily life. Besides,  IR Blaster is available with Samsung E series 7/8/9 models only.So if you have these samsung device, Within 50 cm and 45 degrees of the up, down, left and right directions of the IR sensor, you can install the IR blaster. If you use the Smart Touch Control to control an external device, the IR blaster will send an IR signal into that device.Install IR Blaster in 50 cm and 45 degrees of upper, lower, left and right direction of the IR sensor on the external device. If you control an external device using Smart Touch Control, IR Blaster sends an IR signal to an appropriate external device.

So how about NFC?

According to the specification,Samsung Galaxy S21 series support NFC.How often do you usually use this function?Perhaps you might have used the technology for pairing the Bluetooth speakers and smartwatches.And in fact we can use this technology for mobile payment service,Google Pay,Samsung Pay and the Apple Pay. As short distance wireless communication technology,There are the some of the applications in which the NFC can be used at home.For example, Just by tapping the mobile to the paitent‘s tag,you can get the required imformation and the history of the paitent quickly.Moreover that, these NFC tags can be used for the personal usage.Just by tapping the tag, we can change the setting of our smarthome.So, this is an unreplaceable features for most of smartphone.

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