Does iPhone SE 2020 have headphone jack and physical home button?

Apple’s new iPhone SE 2020 has finally come out, though a month late than the scheduled due to the pandemic coronavirus. With a totally four years gap, the new iPhone SE includes many new features compared with the older version, such as wireless charging, better camera specs, and water resistance. But for many big fans of iPhone, there are other features they won’t give up, for instance, the headphone jack and the physical home button.

Does iPhone SE 2020 have a headphone jack?

The sad thing is there is no headphone jack on the new budget phone. Most inexpensive Android phones still have a 3.5mm headphone port, including Google’s Pixel 3a, but Apple has never looked back since they ditched the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in the year 2017. Apple just includes a pair of Lightning Earpods in the box, if you want to listen to music or calls, you have to buy wireless Bluetooth headphones, or else attach a dongle to connect your wired headphones via the Lightning port. 

Does iPhone SE 2020 have a physical home button?

The iPhone SE 2020 has a design similar to the version in 2014, iPhone 6, that is, featuring a conventional 16:9 display, a thick bezel, and a physical home button. Android manufacturers and the latest iPhones like the iPhone 7 or 8 have moved away from this design language, in order for that more space could be saved for a larger display. On the bright side, the new iPhone SE will be the best choice for those iPhone owners that refuse to leave the Touch ID home button in the past. The home button is not just a physical button, but a spot on the button that gives you a tactile tap-back when you press it. In the aspect of haptics, that feels great. 

The 4.7-inch iPhone SE starts at $399 and it is already on sale on April 17. Is it worth the cost? The answer is yes for a lot of people. If you are not crazy for high-end photography and other advanced features, there’s actually nothing you can’t do equally well on the iPhone SE. It is fast, capable, reliable, and familiar. If you are planning to buy it, we suggest that you consider spending an extra $50 to upgrade the storage to 128GB, just in case you might want it three or five years down the road. 

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