Does Google Pixel 4a have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?

It is almost confirmed that Google Pixel 4a will come out in May, the same time when Pixel 3a was revealed at Google I/O, albeit it may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The late 2019 release brought lots of new technology to Google’s phones and the smartphone market as well: 90Hz display, Motion Sense radar controls, Face Unlock, Google Assistant and much more. Since Pixel 4a is among the mid-tier budget phones, we are not sure all these features will make it over to Pixel 4a. But besides these high-tech specs, there are also some features you might be interested in, such as its SIM card slot and the storage.

Does Google Pixel 4a have dual SIM?

Early in March, a hands-on video on the YouTube channel TechnoLike Plus had suggested that the higher-end model has dual-SIM support, though that feature could make it to both models. Or perhaps this could be the distinguishing feature of the Pixel 4A. Other leakers indicate the existence of dual SIM as well, but claiming that both models will feature this technology (GMSARENA for instance). No matter which is the truth, we are going to have a Pixel 4a with dual-SIM and that’s really a convenient configuration.

Google calls it Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS), which means two different SIM cards can be on “standby,” aware of the state for their respective networks. The two SIM slots are for physical SIM and an eSIM respectively. You can shift to a different network on each SIM in order to use one for data and another for calls. At the end of last year, Google introduced its MVNO wireless service — Google Fi, which is used together with dual SIM. That’s good news to both old Pixel phones and all later Pixel models, as the service could make the switch between different networks much more seamlessly.

Does Google Pixel 4a have a micro SD card slot?

When it comes to flagship Android phones, it’s almost a given that external storage isn’t going to be an option. However, things are different on low-end and mid-range smartphones. With the prevailing of taking high-quality photos and watching videos, having a phone with large storage or which just supports external storage becomes even more important. To date, Google has never offered external storage, and the trend is unlikely to change any time soon. While the good news is, Google is adding a 128GB storage option to supplement the base 64GB. That’s a smart move, as the Pixel 3a was quite cramped in terms of capacity last year. And it would be nice for consumers to play on a 128GB smartphone for a relatively low price.

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