Does iPhone 12 have long battery life?

iPhone has long been criticized for its short battery life and its requirement of charging during the daytime. Now that iPhone 12 is rumored to be released around in September 2020, some people are wondering if it would have longer battery life compared with its predecessors. The answer is simply yes, as is shown in a report from The Elec.

The report explains that South Krean’s ITM semiconductor, iPhone’s one of the three battery parts suppliers, is likely to offer 50% smaller battery protection module, which means that more space would be saved and bigger batteries are possible without increasing the size of the handset. Technically speaking, ITM no longer uses PCM, also named Protection Circuit Module. Rather, it will utilize PMP (Protection Module Package) battery protection circuits which “combines Protection IC with MOSFET and PCB”, reducing the need for a holder case. Details of the change can be seen in the picture above.

Actually, longer battery life is not a piece of fresh news. Take this year as an example, you can see that iPhone 11 has had a 3110mAh power capacity compared with the 1821mAh battery in iPhone 8. And Samsung, too, has 3400 in the S10 compared with 3000 of S9. On the other hand, the handset is thinner, from 7.3mm to 8.3mm. That’s possible because of several optimizations. The brand new A13 chip is the main reason that makes new phones more efficient than ever, but more importantly, it is the 3D Touch screen layer on all iPhone 11 series that lets them slightly bulkier than iPhone X. That allowed Apple to slightly increase the battery size and give iPhone 11 Pro Max an extra five hours of battery juice than iPhone XR. As for Galaxy S10, it is actually slimmer, taller, and wider than S9, which probably helped accommodate the larger battery. 

Flagships may not be the best choice for those who prioritize battery capacity, as the best components and performance accords with high power consumption. That being said, mid-class smartphones are much better and capable of a bigger battery. Recommendations include Samsung Galaxy A70, Xiaomi Mi 9T, Realme 5 Pro, which are new in 2019 and come with a 4000mAh battery or higher. But if you are consistently appealed by the incredible user experience, it is worth having one or waiting for the new handsets in 2020. 

Mentioning mobile rumors we talked about at the beginning, no one can guarantee they are true, but it is of high possibility that battery capacity would be higher. That is not only because of the innovation of battery manufacturers, but the whole industry is shifting from perpetually slimming down smartphones to embracing a lasting power as well as an elegant smartphone body. Now that ITM is reported to provide PMP battery protection circuits for Samsung and Apple, and the upcoming new handsets are respectively Galaxy S11 and iPhone 12. If that is true, it is very promising the two giants will start the era of impossibly thin smartphones with equally small batteries. So let’s just wait and see.




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