Is OnePlus 7T Waterproof?

Despite its last new phone revealing just months ago, OnePlus again showed off a new one, OnePlus 7T. As the name suggests, OnePlus 7T sounds more like a successor to OnePlus 7 rather than OnePlus 7 Pro. For people who just bought a “7” or “7 Pro”, it may be a bit expensive to have a new one whose appearance and functions could be no different. But OnePlus 7T is rather appealing for those ready to upgrade after owning a phone for two years. Indeed, this new smartphone has some highlights including a larger 6.55 inch 20:9 Fluid AMOLED display, an upgraded processor the Snapdragon 855+, and a brand-new triple-lens camera inside a circular camera bump. And just like what Oneplus claimed when Oneplus 7 /7 Pro was launched, this time, they announced that OnePlus 7T is water-resistant to some degree, but still didn’t give out any official IP rating. So is OnePlus 7T waterproof? If it is, how?

Now a famous YouTuber Matthew Moniz had his 7T tested and checked how long it can suffer underwater. The phone still works perfectly after30-minute dunk in water. The phone can still turn on, fingerprint scanner working as usual and the front-facing camera shooting normally. But if we keep it underwater for 5 minutes, everything works great except that there is no mobile network anymore. The truth is the SIM card got wet, and both the outside and the inside of the card had a few drops on it. After drying it off, the network got back again – we could get through a phone call, we can be heard, and the sound is clear and nice. And then Matthew put it further to a 30-minute test: the touchscreen got alright, the display is good, and the fingerprint scanner is still normal. Because water coming into the speaker, the sound can be a little hoarse when playing music. But just as Matthew said, sound will get back normally after around 30-minute using of the phone. Another problem is also no mobile network. And it will recover again after drying off the SIM card for a few hours which is a little longer than the second test, though.

It is clear from the video that OnePlus 7T covers the basics in terms of waterproofness. OnePlus said that they skipped out on IP testing because the expenses are high, which they prefer to invest in their customers. Nonetheless, the performance of OnePlus 7T as above is more than enough. After all, the occasions are few when we happen to slip our phone into the puddle, and it is widely not recommended to take photos underwater even for IP rating smartphones. In the future, there will be more and more waterproof phones coming out, and there is a chance that all phones will be truly waterproof. Before that happens, we can buy waterproof handsets like OnePlus 7T in case of unexpected accidents, and, just have a protective case and a screen protector.

OnePlus 7T Minimalist Slim Protective Phone Case

  • Designed especially for OnePlus 7T.
  • Slim fit design keeps application and more beautiful.
  • Flexible buttons offer original click response and quick accessibility.
  • Provide excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, and other damage.
  • Form-fitted to ensure anti-slip grip with unbeatable slimness.

[4 Pack] OnePlus 7T Screen Protector

  • Special Design: The laser-cut dimension provides maximum protection for the display area of OnePlus 7T. 
  • High Response: Only 0.3mm thickness to maintain the original response sensitivity of your OnePlus 7T.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with clear instruction, professional installation video, and all necessary tools, which makes it easy to install this OnePlus 7T screen protector.
  • Scratch Resistant: This 9H Hardness tempered glass can effectively protect the screen from unwanted scuffs and scratches.
  • High Definition: High-transparency provides high-definition clear viewing. Hydrophobic Oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.


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