Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 come with S Pen


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lives between the S10 Plus and S10. But glad to know that it packs the latest specs and features from the Note 10 Plus, including the complete S Pen, which is to a phone size we haven’t seen since the Note 3.


Many people choose Samsung phones for the magical S Pen. Now even you just purchase a Note 10, you can have the experience to pop out the S Pen from its silo and start to write or draw things on the relatively compact phone. Samsung keeps its word that won’t limit or change the S Pen’s capabilities any bit. And they re-engineered S Pen and added the feature of Air Action, which detects the movement of your hand and allows you to control your phone via simple gesture.

And it’s super convenient to charge it and have a long-last using time. One 6 minute charge gives it up to 10 hours of battery standby time. And the only thing you should do is just inserting it into your Note 10. Comparing to the S Pen of Note 9, a full charge in 40 seconds only lasts for 30 minutes. 10 hours is an incredible number. No need to worry that once you forget to put it into your phone, you will find it was run out of battery when you want to use it.

To protect your S Pen, it’s impossible to cover it with a protective case as a smartphone. It needs to be charged in the silo of your phone. If you add anything to it, it can’t be inserted into the hole. Therefore, the best way to protect it is to put it back into the silo once you don’t need to use it. And if your stylus has gone missing or is broken, you can purchase replacements S Pen online, which is sold separately. 

Samsung Official Replacement S-Pen for Galaxy Note10, and Note10+ with Bluetooth

Current Price: $39.99


– 6 colors optional

– 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity

– Official Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ Replacement S-Pen

– Bluetooth Support

It is necessary for you to get a replacement S Pen. The stylus is one of the most competitive features of Note 10 and 10 plus apart from other smartphones on the market. If you use your Note 10 without one S Pen, it means you have to say goodbye to many value-added tricks and just own an “ordinary” flagship phone. With it, you will be able to click on small details or add accurate notes, handwrite messages and have them automatically converted into digital text. Flick side to side to advance through photos in the Gallery app, and more.


If you have any questions about Note 10’s S Pen, leave it below and have a discussion with us. 

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