How to Charge Apple Airpods Wirelessly


Airpods for Christmas became a trending keyword in this holiday season, customers may face stock shortage as the demand is so strong. Surprisingly Apple Airpods turn to be an item of fashion, practically everyone thought Airpods were an instant meme of funny and mockery. However, Apple has not officially released the wireless charging case for Airpods or Airpower as expected, we don’t know the reason yet, but there are some 3rd party manufacturers had stepped forward based on this idea.


So how can I charge Airpods wirelessly? Or how can I  add wireless charging functionality to Airpods? There are 2 main methods: 1. Replace your original Airpods case to a wireless-enabled case 2. Add another case to your Airpods case and transform it into a wireless charging capable one, it equals to adding a wireless charging receiver to the original case. In general, most accessory makers would choose the 2nd method due to the lower cost and risk.

I would like to recommend 2 wireless Airpods charging case for your reference below.

1.Skywin Wireless Charging Receiver for Airpod $29.99


Skywin wireless charging receiver provides a very straightforward installation, simply slide the case on and ensure your AirPods case is connected properly to the Lightning port. Then, you can charge with any Qi-enabled wireless charger. It claims that it’s able to fully charge your Airpods in 1.5 hours by wireless charging, the real charging time could be varied by the wireless charger you use, with a conventional 7.5W charger, it will take around 1.7 hours for a full recharge.

2. SliQ by East Brooklyn Labs AirPods Wireless Qi Charging and Protective Case $23.99


The SliQ AirPods case is made completely out of silicone and comes in two parts: a bottom sleeve and an upper sleeve for the lid of the AirPods case. Within the bottom part of the sleeve is a Lightning connector that enables Qi charging to actually give more power to the AirPods case itself. Besides the wireless charging capability, it adds shockproof and dustproof to your Airpods, and for the price tag of  $23.99 on Amazon, it’s quite cost effective. One thing to note, though, is that the top cover doesn’t provide any of the charging functionality, just some added protection. This means you can use the SliQ with just the bottom part of the case. 

As I have mentioned that Airpods have become a really hot Christmas gift idea in this season, if you are lucky enough to receive them before holiday, plus you already got a wireless charger for your phone, you can purchase an Airpods wireless charging case to make it compatible with your wireless charging pad and simplify the charging process. Of course, one thing that we expect from Apple in the coming year is the Apple official wireless charging case, it will be more expensive than 3rd parties, but at least we do not need to worry to damage the warranty of Airpods.


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