Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to keep the headphone jack


A couple of months ago South Korean media reported that Samsung was seriously considering removing the headphone jack from the flagships in 2019, which suggested that the upcoming Galaxy S10 might be the next one without the 3.5mm port. Is it true?

Samsung’s latest phone – Samsung Galaxy A8s is the first flagship with an infinity-O hole-punch display, and it’s the first Samsung phone without headphone jack this year. It might be a signal that Samsung decided to remove the old-fashioned port and join the dongle world like what Apple did. If Samsung is willing to do that, it may be one key point for the S8 or S9 users not to upgrade their phones. 


There ain’t many confirmed prediction about Samsung Galaxy S10, but S10 seems to include a lot of big changes, it may have chance to dominate Apple in the near future. Leaks said that the screen body ratio will be much higher than S9, it will finally go bezel-less and feature an infinity display. There will be no notch design on the bezel area and applying the same hole-punch tech as on A8s. Because there is not any more bezels on the top or the bottom which means things do have to change with the slot of headphone jack and the earpiece itself. 

However, it has been 3 years since Apple released the jack-less iPhone 7, which kicked off the industry trend. The technology of wireless audio transmission has been significantly improved, Apple Airpods became a hot gift idea in this holiday season, Samsung might have considered it’s time to make this shift and benefit from the USB-C versatility. However, the customers might not accept it in the beginning, but there will eventually be a tipping point where the headphone jack sees low enough usage and imposes enough restrictions on engineering that it won’t be worth including. 

Good news is that a recent leak from China that the 3.5mm headphone jack still exists on Samsung Galaxy S10 according to the protective case design provided by the accessory manufacturers. Even though the Galaxy A8s omits it, it doesn’t mean Samsung will do the same on other phones. Most customers really appreciate the big names like Samsung could try to move the needle forward in all kinds of ways, yet still keep that little hole in the bottom of its phone.


What do you expect from Samsung Galaxy S10? Would you prefer keeping the headphone jack on it or removing it like most phones did this year? Please leave a comment below and we’ll see who will guess the answer straight away.



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