Why My DJI Osmo Pocket Keeps Getting an Overheating Error



DJI Osmo Pocket is the first ever 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal. As its name suggests, it is the smallest and most portable camera in the market so far which can fit in the palm of your hand and be slide into your pocket. With its powerful ability to shoot 4K videos, DJI Osmo Pocket is no doubt a great companion for daily shooters.

However, unknown issues are usually hidden in first-gen products. From the DJI Forum, problem like “the gimbal keeps getting an overheating error” has been heard recently. Osmo user posted that “protecting gimbal, press to resume” notification keeps appearing on its device. To get know more about this issue, we searched for DJI official website and its Support service, but still we can’t find the answer. But this problem has been forward to the DJI R&D department, hope it can be solved as soon as possible.


From former experience, like Osmo hand held gimbal, big improvement would be made in the later updates and some problems including battery performance, digital zoom and control limitation of Osmo tilt had been improved. And when come to overheating problem, there is a fan in it when restart the device, it will prevent critical overheating. So, if you just met the problem of “overheating error” in your Osmo Pocket, let’s wait for its update. I believe it will be solved so soon.

The Osmo Pocket is still on its way to be improved, and there are some limitations though many new features are attractive. If you are in the market for this little gear, click “DJI Osmo Pocket? Worth it or not?” to know more about its flaws and then you can make a wiser decision.

Generally, this portable gimbal is perfect for daily use such as family traveling shooting and fans of vlogging and Instagram Stories. However, for professionals, it can only be used as an assistant tool due to its limited capability and battery life.


If you are already own an Osmo Pocket, there are some new released updates you may unaware of:

  1. Added 1080p 120fps 4x Slow Motion video.
  2. The Power/Function button now recenters when pressed twice and can switch the camera orientation when pressed three times.
  3. Optimized the gimbal so when it is powered off, it automatically adjusts its position to fit into the cover.
  4. Added the ability to recenter and switch camera orientation in Flashlight mode.
  5. Reduced noise when recording.
  6. Optimized Timelapse mode when using the Osmo Pocket without DJI Mimo.
  7. Optimized the audio in some scenes.
  8. Optimized the autofocus in some scenes.
  9. Optimized gimbal performance for long exposure shots.
  10. Increased the shooting speed in Panorama mode.
  11. Increased the file reading speed of playback in DJI Mimo.
  12. Optimized gimbal stability in Timelapse mode.

(Resource from Forum DJI)

How is your experience with DJI Osmo Pocket? Is there any problem with it? Or any idea? Share with us in the comment below.

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一个有关“Why My DJI Osmo Pocket Keeps Getting an Overheating Error”的想法

  1. Dealing with DJI support is one of the most frustrating things you will ever encounter. My Pocket Osmo arrived DOA, but they charged me $65 to send it back to china for evaluation. Not a simple replacement for something that didn’t work out of the box.

    And it’s going to take 2+ months.

    F***k DJI. Dealbreaker customer support.


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