Is iPhone XR Really Worth Buying?

iPhone XR, as rumor has it, is the low-end iPhone among the three new models this year. With the lowest price tag starting at $750, it has been considered as a “budget” device compared to the other two iPhones both breaking the $1000 mark. However, is a cheaper price really means that the iPhone XR is a budget phone with low-end specs and major compromises? Not really. On the contrary, the iPhone XR comes with top-tier specs and nice design which can compare to many other high-end smartphones.

A12 Chipset, iOS 12

What is people’s priority when considering buying a smartphone? There’s no definitive answer as people have a preference. However, processor and operating system are two main reasons that determine whether a smartphone is good or not. In theory, the latest version processor and operating system will be viewed as the best, and surprisingly, the iPhone XR is armed with both the latest Apple processor and OS — A12 and iOS 12, no difference to the iPhone XS and XS Max!


Cheaper but Longer Battery

One of the external difference between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS is that the former has a bigger 6.1inch LCD display while the later packs with the premium 5.8 inch OLED display. A bigger LCD screen means that there is more space for a larger battery and less power consumption. So it is quite understandable that the iPhone XR’s battery lasts longest among the three. It has a 2942mAh capacity according to a reliable Chinese information confirmation institute reported. Compared to iPhone XS’s 2658mAh battery pack, it can outlast as much as by 25%. 

LCD or OLED? Means little to Users

Many people may feel less about iPhone XR because of its Liquid HD display or LCD screen. Although it is true that an OLED display is superior in dark and contrast, the LCD display works generally well for the majority of average users as there is too subtle difference to recognize on our physical eyes. You can immerse yourself in the video streaming or gaming without any problem. 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi is, to some extent, better than that of many HDTV.


Single but Powerful Camera

Another surprise that Apple brought to iPhone XR is that it only features a single rear camera. However, single doesn’t mean it is low-level. The single 12MP wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture supports up to 5x digital zoom and portrait mode. More importantly, it also supports the latest Smart HDR and OIS technology, like the iPhone XS and XS Max do. So for most of people, it is good enough for daily picture capture.

More colors, more options

What helps the iPhone XR stands out from the three iPhones this year might be its new added colors. It comes with six colors including: (product)red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue. When comes to multiple colors options, it quickly draws us back to the iPhone 5C which was the first iPhone that offered colorful options. Some colors may give user a feeling of low-end phone, but more color options can satisfy more people with different tastes.


To conclude, the iPhone XR is the most interesting iPhone Apple made this year. And with its good configuration, it is a good choice to upgrade.

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