How to Charge iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Properly?

To charge a smartphone properly has been a long forgotten but important knowledge. Aside from improper charging may decrease the battery’s lifespan, it also leads to the safety issues both on you and your beloved smartphone.

Apple’s flagship iPhone XS and its largest ever phone — iPhone XS Max have been on the market now. Consumers going to upgrade to these expensive phones should keep themselves some knowledge about how to maintain their precious smartphone’s battery longer.


From the Apple official website, we know that the iPhone XS can last 30minutes longer than iPhone X and the iPhone XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer. Although it has been improved some degree, however, compared to a decade ago when a cell phone can last several days, the capacity to last only 10+ hours is short. The reason behind the diminished battery life lies on the limited energy density. A battery is like a common container in which only limited energy it can store in its chemical components, therefore the bigger of the battery size is, the longer the battery life will be. However, with nowadays’ smartphone becoming thinner and thinner, the battery also become smaller and smaller. By the way, iPhone XS only packs a 2658mAh battery, while the iPhone XS Max a little bigger has a 3174mAh pack.

In order to extend your smartphone’s lifespan, it means to decrease the speed of capacity fade. And below follows tips you should keep while charging.


When to charge your smartphone?

Most people usually charge their phone when the battery icon turns to red or runs to zero. This is a bad charging habit actually. The best way to juice your smartphone is when it is at least 20% battery left. Why it should be like that? I’ll explain it later in the article.

Should I charge it to 100%?

It is so common to see people charge their phone from zero to 100%. It may put little harm to your smartphone thanks to the modern technology built-in the battery which can protect it from overheating and overcharging, but given the battery lifespan, it is not a good idea to fully charge a phone every time.


Now here is an explanation. The power driving your smartphone is produced by the electrodes which generated by a simple chemical reaction within the battery. From our chemistry class, we know that this chemical reaction happens in the electrolyte where ions move from the anode to cathode driving electrodes and then back to the anode. As a common known nature of the chemical reaction, it is hard to begin and slower in the end. In the case of charging, to charge from 0-20% and 80%-100% turns to be harder, therefore, it is good for your phone to charge it in the range of 20% and 80%. However, experts suggest that the battery should be fully charged once a month which helps to recalibrate the battery.

Here are some common-asked questions that you may doubt whether they can harm your phone:

Do I charge my phone too often?

May I charge it too long?

Can I charge it overnight?        

To these questions, as far as I am concerned, it is okay to charge your phone frequently if you keep them between the range of 20% and 80%. And better not to plug your phone all the way long through the night, although the smart charging technology today is claimed to stop charging your phone automatically according to its demand. After all, there is a life cycle in a battery as well.

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  1. Is there a way of knowing when a IPhone xs is fully charged or does it continually have a lightning bolt?


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