Is iPhone XR Really Worth Buying?

iPhone XR, as rumor has it, is the low-end iPhone among the three new models this year. With the lowest price tag starting at $750, it has been considered as a “budget” device compared to the other two iPhones both breaking the $1000 mark. However, is a cheaper price really means that the iPhone XRContinue reading “Is iPhone XR Really Worth Buying?”

How to Upgrade to iOS 12?

This year’s WWDC is not the most bland one, but it is certainly not the most exciting one. Apple’s system update is basically inseparable from such fields as health, safety, privacy, AR, music and education. It happens that they have nothing to do with hardware. And this time it was not even released a hardwareContinue reading “How to Upgrade to iOS 12?”

Will iOS 12 Support iPhone 6 and 5s?

As the next big operating system of Apple, iOS 12 is expected to be released in this autumn. And as a creature of habit, we are very likely to see a preview of it at WWDC in June. There are a lot of leaks, rumors and speculations about the coming iOS 12 including its releaseContinue reading “Will iOS 12 Support iPhone 6 and 5s?”