Best Battery Case for iPhone X

Best-Battery-Case-for-iPhone X-1

Best-Battery-Case-for-iPhone X-1

Mobile phone has already been a must for our daily life. We use it watching video, listening to music, browsing social media and keeping contact with friends. It will be a nightmare if the battery goes dead. Let alone you bought a new iPhone X which you never want to put down.  So to avoid the dilemma of power-off, external batteries have become an essential of smartphones. While, to keep your iPhone X charged and always prepared, a battery case is a good backup which not only can keep your phone powered up but also give protection to it.

There are various battery cases on the market which are different both in quality and function. To help you get away from the battery case of poor quality, we carefully picked some reliable products for you.

Best-Battery-Case-for-iPhone X-2

EasyAcc Wireless Battery Case

This wireless battery case is specially designed for iPhone X. It supports both wired and wireless charging. If you want to make the most of the wireless charging feature coming with your iPhone X, this battery case will be your best choice. It also frees your lightning port so you can listen to music and transfer data while charging. Although it is a case designed for iPhone X, you can still use it as a power bank for your android phones as it comes with an I/O USB-C port which allows you to charge your type-c device via an included type-c cable. If you are interested in our wireless battery case, please be patient to wait its availability.

Best-Battery-Case-for-iPhone X-3

Many thanks to the  Gadget Review for the intensive review on EasyAcc CC5 wireless battery case.


ZTESY iPhone X Battery Case

With 5,000 mAh capacity, this case will provide you with 20 extra hours of talk time. Only cost you $35, while you can get an extra kickstand with it, which enables you to enjoy your iPhone X hands-free. It is both lightweight and good-looking. If you don’t want to add thick case to your iPhone X, this will be a good option.

Best-Battery-Case-for-iPhone X-4

Alpatronix BXX Slim Charging Case

Similar to EasyAcc wireless battery case, this slim charging case is well designed with a scratch guard and a raised bezel in case which can protect your iPhone X from dropping face-down. With Qi wireless charging, you can even charge your phone and the case simultaneously. While if you want to enjoy a more fast charging, you can also choose to charge the case separately with its included micro USB cable. however, compare to the wireless battery case from EasyAcc, this case comes with one downside — it takes up the lightning port on your phone, so you can’t enjoy listening or transferring experience while charging with the cable. It’s only compatible with wireless Bluetooth headphones or Apple AirPods.

Different people may have different preference for battery cases, what kind of battery case are you looking for? If you have any ideas, please tell us about it in the comments!


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