Note 8 VS iPhone 8


Note 8 unveiled in 23rd, August. And iPhone 8 is going to release in next month. So, Note 8 vs iPhone 8 may not that accuracy. We need to analyze iPhone 8 based on rumors. Samsung and Apple always best competitors for each other. Many netizens call them shear and shield which is quiet appropriate in accordance with their outlook and competitive relationship.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch screen and iPhone 8 is expecting to be 5.8-inch. IPhone 8 is smaller than Note 8, which will be easy to hold and put in a pocket. Then, let’s compare the material. Note 8 was made of AMOLED, a kind of OLED, which can emitted light by itself. IPhone 8 also adopts OLED but there are also rumors predict it’s hard for iPhone to realize. It will be confirm until iPhone 8 launch in September.



Note 8 still adopts fingerprint recognition and place it side by the camera. IPhone 8 is said to have 3D facial recognition instead of fingerprint. That will be a flagship in the mobile phone industrial, if iPhone 8 can have this feature.



Galaxy Note 8 carried Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core SoC (globally) and iPhone 8 is powering by A11. It is said that A11 is faster than Qualcomm Snapdragon.

S pen


S pen is a unique feature belongs to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Apple has Apple pen but used for iPad. With S pen, you can take notes easily instead of tapping on the keyboard. Meanwhile, you can take particular shape of picture with the help of S pen. However, it is annoying if you lose it and that’s why iPhone never think about release with a pen.



Augmented Reality is expected realize on iPhone 8. AR can show you around in a total strange city. You can know more from the passage “iPhone 8 to virtually guide people around using augmented reality

There are still some common things between Note 8 and iPhone 8. For instance, both of them are support wireless charging, if Apple can handle with software problem as the rumors. What’s more? Note 8 will be the most expensive smartphone and so will iPhone 8. The price of Note 8 and iPhone 8 will start at $1,000.


Note 8 vs iPhone 8, this battle finally comes to the end. However, we all know that competition between Samsung and Apple will never end. That’s also the reason why the two grow stronger and stronger.



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