Best Accessories for Note 8


Eventually, the Note’s back. On 23rd this month, Samsung unveiled its eagerly-anticipated Galaxy Note 8 device, the successor to its ill-fated Note 7, at a glitzy event in New York. But we’re not going to talk about the phone review; instead, we’re glad to introduce several best accessories for your new Note 8!


No.1 Samsung DeX Station

The Samsung DeX Station enables you to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into a true desktop PC experience. By docking the phone into the DeX Station, your phone will launch a special DeX mode on the connected external monitor and applications can be opened in multiple separate windows. 

With heavy duty work, you can always launch a virtual desktop application to mirror and control your desktop computer on your Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Additionally, when docked in DeX Station, your phone will charge via USB-C and stay cool with a built-in fan, all while powering your desktop experience. 


No.2 SPARIN Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector

Unlike other common screen protectors, this Note 8 screen protector is use wet-install method. Spray liquid on the adhesive side of protector and phone screen and then slide it around to match all cutouts and edges. If tiny bubble left after application, it will get disappeared within 24 hours; if corner lifted up, spray more liquid on the adhesive side and gently press it with the microfiber cloth.

This screen protector is made of soft TPU material, can offers maximum protection for your Galaxy Note8, including the curved edge, and is 99% high clarity and transmittance, can maintains the bright and colorful image quality of your phone.

Moreover, it is ultra thin; it will be firmly attached on your Samsung Note 8, can compatible with all kinds of phone case.


No.3 Ringke Onyx Shock Absorbent Case

Ringke Onyx is the newest and latest style in rugged line of defense. The new impressive design features premium, tough pliable TPU material for heavy duty defense and textured layout with a mechanical design complete with Military Grade MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 drop protection.

Furthermore, the full degree protection covers all four corners and side edges on your new phone, which means the fragile part of your phone, will be protected perfectly. But it also makes your phone looks bigger than it is. After all, the panel of Samsung Note 8 is inconceivably large.


No.4 Samsung Gear VR w/Controller (Note 8 Edition)

 Samsung Gear VR transforms virtual reality with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences. Every move, from turning and grabbing to pointing and lifting, is naturally connected from physical to virtual, making it more intuitive and spellbinding than ever before. Flying through the Alps, watching a film with a far-off friend, experiencing a festival across the globe, and employing the superpowers of your game’s character—your world just got infinitely bigger.


No.5 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 replacement S-Pen

The revolutionary S Pen has true-to-life pressure and angle sensitivity with the intelligence to translate, magnify, navigate and create with a full palette of brush and pen types. And just like a real pen, it never needs to be charged. Try it, and you’ll start a brand new experience on your Samsung Note 8.


Even though we’ve rounded up these products for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 above, finding the best accessories is never an easy job. Do more comparison at several stores and make your best choice!



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