Note 8 VS iPhone 8

Note 8 unveiled in 23rd, August. And iPhone 8 is going to release in next month. So, Note 8 vs iPhone 8 may not that accuracy. We need to analyze iPhone 8 based on rumors. Samsung and Apple always best competitors for each other. Many netizens call them shear and shield which is quiet appropriateContinue reading “Note 8 VS iPhone 8”

Best Accessories for Note 8

Eventually, the Note’s back. On 23rd this month, Samsung unveiled its eagerly-anticipated Galaxy Note 8 device, the successor to its ill-fated Note 7, at a glitzy event in New York. But we’re not going to talk about the phone review; instead, we’re glad to introduce several best accessories for your new Note 8! No.1 SamsungContinue reading “Best Accessories for Note 8”