Best Calendar for iPad and Mac


A practical and multifunctional calendar app can provide us convenience. But too many kinds of calendar apps are on the market, especially for iPad and Mac, so let’s check these recommendations and find a best calendar for your devices!


Fantastical 2 – For iPad and Mac

When it comes to calender app, Fantastical 2 really does a good job. It has a beautiful interface and lots of customized functions after connecting with your social accounts. For example, Fantastical 2 can import your daily event into our consolidated calendar and be present as a full month together with several alternatives. Your daily event list can also be presented along the side. And this app help you set a your own custom calendar with time zone support, etc. Furthermore, for swift visit, there is a mini-calendar in your Menu bar.

Bottom line: Fantastical 2 is a robust, full-featured calendar with dozens of useful features for any and all productivity.


BusyCal  – For iPad and Mac

 BusyCal is a robust, full-featured calendar with dozens of useful features, and it certainly serve some people. Though BusyCal is similar to Fantastical, it’s “Info Panel” is particularly good for those who like to customize their settings. If you travel frequently, BusyCal would integrate the weather forecast and travel times. The menu bar integrates plenty of similar functions, though some people may think this design is not quite convenient. Generally speaking, BusyCal also has a trial mode, while Fantastical is a little easier to use, but it’s worth trying.


Informant – For Mac

More than just a clear and concise calendar app, Informant for mac is a task manager and note taker. You can manage your calendar to see your backlog list on the same place, and your schedule and tasks are integrated with daily events. You can keep your backlog list on top of the screen with upcoming and completed tasks clearly identifiable. Additionally, filters help you to hide events from specific calendars. To make it easy to keep your work and home life separate, multiple filters can be saved in your favorites and switched at any time.


Calendars 5 – For iPad

 Readdle provides another practical and excellent Calendar alternative. Calendars 5 allows users to use the same natural language to input information as Fantastical 2, but it only runs on iPhone and iPad. It  

Calendars 5 works well with both appointments and reminders. Tap a date in Month view and it takes the user to that day. There’s a column on the left third of the screen showing appointments from the week after the date. The day’s agenda takes up the right two-thirds of the screen.


 The best iPad and Mac calendar application suited for you depends on your needs, here we just help you narrow down your choices.


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