Why does My Amazon Kindle Freeze


A kindle is often an indispensable tool for reading lover, but it is inevitable that sometimes users may be bothered by the slow, unresponsive, or even freeze screen. There are various reasons which cause your kindle to be freeze, thus you need to try some troubleshooting steps so as to restore your kindle. The following tips will try to cover all possible areas and help you solve the problem.

Clean the Screen

Let’s start with the easiest one—cleaning your screen. Screen is the thing we frequently deal with, so if the touchscreen isn’t responding properly, you might want to take a few seconds and clean it up in case something has meddled with the touch sensors.


Faulty eBook & Faulty App

It is generally the case that the unresponsive problems happened when you download some eBooks. EBooks are susceptible to becoming corrupted, so it might be a good idea to wipe out all the recent eBooks you might have downloaded onto your device. And you can easily get the book you want back from cloud if you have downloaded them from Amazon.

Faulty app is also a possible reason, so check whether you have recent downloaded apps, and try deleting them to see whether the problem could fixed.


Software Update

Keeping your Kindle’s software up to date may reduce instances of a frozen screen. Go amazon.com/kindle software updates to see what the latest version is called and check your kindles’ version in your device’s “Settings” menu, update it if necessary.

Restart Kindle

For most of people, this might be the first idea come into their mind. Frankly speaking, this is usually the useful way for most cases. Restarting your device involves turning it off completely and then turning it back on again. By doing this, even in the possibility of the device being completely frozen, the shut-down can be triggered.


Reset needed

Resetting your device is not recommended because it will remove any content you’ve downloaded to your device and your personal information. But if the above tips are useless, then this is a way you could try. Before you reset your kindle, remember to back up your personal content to your computer first. Then from the Home screen select Menu, and then select Settings. Select Menu again and select Reset Device or Reset to Factory Defaults.


Other tips

  • Devices are just like people, they are unable to run too many apps at once.
  • Avoid using your device in extreme hot or cold temperature conditions.
  • Keep your devices with enough battery (usually not less than 40%)
  • Often delete unnecessary files

If you have tired of all the above tips and you still can’t solve the problem, you may need to repair the device and ask for help from the Kindle Support .


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