Best App for Podcasts Android


The way people collecting information by radio has almost becoming history, but as another format of radio, podcast has becoming increasingly popular. Unlike the traditional manner, all you need nowadays is a pair of headphone, a smartphone and a best app. If you are already a fan of podcast, you are expected to find your best app for podcasts Android from this article; if you are the first time to get into podcast, you can use any of the app recommended below to have a try and you will find it brings you happiness and entertainment.


Google Play Music
The most budget app is that you need pay nothing for it and Google Play Music is for free! You may know it as a music app but supporting podcast has recently been added to it. Different podcasts are provided here you can choose to subscribe or even not subscribe you can still listen to it. You can set up notification for your favorite podcasts so it will alert you when new episodes premiere. Don’t be bothered if something interrupts you because it allows you resume where you left off.Furthermore, the Google Play Music is convenient for you to listen through its website.


Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts is a designed platform for podcasts. And it concludes many other features that Google Play Music cannot carry out. That is why it will cost you $4. Not only does it have a modern interface but also it has many powerful functions. For instance, the app supports both light and dark themes. Best of all, you can control your download preferences so as to download what you need. Another neat feature in Pocket Casts is that you can sign in using any Android device, which helps you access your podcasts more quickly if you’re using another device.Many other functions are waiting for you to find out!


DoggCatcher is not such a new developed app for podcasts, but it updates both from appearance and functions and gains popularity. DoggCatcher features built-in support for Android Wear and Android Auto so you can build a podcast playback and use it directly on you wrist. Undoubtedly, you can subscribe new podcasts; what’s more, it allows you to control the playback speed—nice design for those who like to listen carefully.


Spotify is compatible with both iOS and Android. Podcasts in Spotify are organized in a variety of categories, such as Storytellers, Sports & Recreation, and Comedy which is much more clear and convenient for users to find their favorite podcasts, subscribe to individual podcasts, manage downloads, and share podcasts through social media.
Most of you are expertise in podcasts apps so any good recommendations or tips for choosing podcasts app are welcomed. If you are a new comer, your comments on using the above recommendations are also much appreciated!


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