Release Rumor: How much is iPhone 8


The iPhone 8 debut is most likely to be held in September 2017 to mark the 10-year anniversary since the first iPhone’s launch. However, reportedly the release date will be postponed due to the technical issues, the customers may have to wait for this anticipated phone until the end of fourth quarter. 

Rumor has it that iPhone 8 will get features like wireless charging, full front OLED display, 3D face scanning and AR functionality. Undoubtedly Apple spares no effort to make iPhone 8 be a great hit. To be compared with the quick-updating and high cost-effective Android smartphones, the competitive advantage of iPhone is obvious – user friendly system and experience. What if the price exceeds $1000 for the basic version? Is it still that friendly to draw the public attention?


How much is iPhone 8? 

Citing from the newest prediction from analysts, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 price will reach $1000 at the entry-level, while the 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus is priced at $ 869,  what makes that difference? It is not that usual even for the famous expensive iPhone.

The most appealing part of new iPhone 8 goes to the OLED screen, in order to achieve a large proportion of the front screen the curved design like Samsung did would be probably gone. The missing Home button will be another controversy like what happened to the missing headphone jack on iPhone 7 line.  Another dashing change is the addition of 3D-aware cameras. This technique has been confirmed by multiple sources, so we temporarily consider it as real. Although we do not know what Apple will do with it exactly, but there are two possibilities – artificial intelligence object / face recognition, and AR.


Why would the price of iPhone 8 be much higher?

The answer is simple enough, the cost to manufacture an iPhone 8 is the highest ever. According to the report from DigiTimes , Apple’s supplier TPK  offered a 2 to 2.5 times quotation refers to the requirements of 3D Touch insertion technique asked by Apple, and Apple didn’t say no for that. If the relevant cost of the past 3D Touch is $ 7 to $ 9, it is up to $ 18 to $ 22 now. The expansion of memory also makes additional bill of  $ 16 to $ 29.


Assume that wireless charging will be applied on iPhone 8 as rumors said, it will certainly increase the cost accordingly. Taking the truth into account that the 256GB iPhone 7 has been sold for $ 969, it seems that the estimation of iPhone 8 price at $ 1000 is slightly conservative, it might be even higher. The answer of How much is iPhone 8 will be revealed after the official launch, let’s check it out then.  

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