High Speed USB Charging Cable for Samsung Galaxy S8


With the use of USB type C Samsung Galaxy S8 realizes a magic fast charging which is likely to juice your S8 up to five hours in just five minutes of charging, or 50 percent in 15 minutes. Pretty efficient! Yet, to realize such efficiency it is meaningful to find compatible USB charging cable for your Galaxy S8. Here I would like to give some recommendations.
USB Type C

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Compared with traditional USB type A, USB type C is smaller, faster and more convenient. The unique thin body and non-directional design lessens the size of the USB ports and makes it convenient for people to charge. It means that you are likely to plug it in right the first time without struggling for so many times.


X-EDITION ($13.95)
X-edition comes with two colors–gold and silver, very decent appearance. As for people who enjoy playing phone on the bed or sofa, it is a great product. Its 10FT-3Meters Long Length design provides you a wide use of space. It is also competitive for the excellent conduction and oxidation resistance which ensure a safety and fast charging speed, avoid damage your cellphone or wall charger Plug.


JS USB Charging Cable ($12.99)
It is a sturdy and quality product which enables fast-charging and compatible for a various devices which include Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Nintendo Switch, new MacBook 12 inch, new MacBook Pro. Etc. With its perfect 2.0M (6.6FT) length you can sit your couch or lie on your sofa and use you device when it is charging. Moreover, the Tangle-free Design of it makes it more durable, more flexible and sturdier than the normal cables.


BEST4ONE ($10.88)
Different from many black and grey cables, Best40ne comes with 3 vivid colors—red, blue and purple, which can differentiate your USB from normal products. It is also compatible for various devices and ensures fast charging. With its great 6-Feet length you can freely charge your phone in a wide range.


Snowkids USB C Cable ($9.99)
Snowkids comes with extensive compatibility and provides you two cables for a backup. They don’t get tangled easily, being braided, and the snap helps keep it neatly coiled in purse or bag. What’s more, its competitive price also enhances its popularity.


YOOTECH ($9.95)
Yootech has high performance in fast charging and data transferring. According to the users’ feedback, there is over 600 mAh through wireless fast charging paired with the Yootech fast wireless USB-C charger. And while using wired fast charging directly through Choetech QC 3.0 6 port hub, over 1040 mAh appeared up in Adaptive Fast Charging. One con may come to be the length of cable, a standard 3ft, which may make it inconvenient for long distance charging.
The above products are selected from various products in Amazon and receive relatively high positive feedback from users. Wish it to be helpful to find your best USB Charging Cable for Samsung Galaxy S8.


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