How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

Nintendo Switch awakens the childhood memories of 80s and 90s. It became a hot product once the sale. Its fancy new peripheral, the Joy-Con, is eye-catching, too. These detachable, tiny controllers have a variety of features baked in. We have talked about how to charge Nintendo Switch without dock. Another big question still remains here, how to charge Nintendo Switch Controller.

3 Ways of charging Nintendo Switch controllers

1. Attaching them to the Switch console

The simplest way to juice up your Nintendo Switch controller is by attaching them to a Switch console. Inside of the dock, which ships with the console, is a USB-C connection that the tablet slides right onto. No matter your switch console is charging by placing on the charging dock or by connected with an accompanying USB-C charging cable which is included in the standard package. The controllers and Switch console are charging simultaneously.

Even when you don’t charge your Switch console, the controllers can be powered once you hook up the controllers to the Switch console.


2. Charging with Joy-Con Charging Grip

Nintendo Switch controllers can be charged with the included Joy-Con Charging Grip. You can remove the Joy-Con controller from the Switch and attach them to the Joy-Con Charging Grip. It lets you keep playing while you’re charging your Joy-Con.


3. Charging with Joy-Con Charging Dock

Joy-Con Charging Dock, as Charging Grip, should be purchased separately for $29.9. I think if you have more than 2 controllers, this is your best choice. It can charge up to 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously. There are 4 LEDs indicate charge level for each Joy-Con individually and change from red to green when fully powered. It powered via USB.


How to check the battery level of Nintendo Switch Controllers?

1. Back to the Home screen.


2. Tap the icon of Controllers and enter to the Controllers screen.


3. The battery levels of both attached controllers and Switch console are shown here.4.If you remove the controllers off the console, you can still check their battery level from here. Just the way of display is a little bit different.


4. If you remove the controllers off the console, you can still check their battery level from here. Just the way of display is a little bit different.


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