How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV


Did you buy your Nintendo Switch? Feel excited and rush back home to play it. Entitled by the name Switch, this new Nintendo console can be switched into different forms for satisfying different people’s needs and suitable for different circumstances. You can even project the game on TV and enjoy the High definition and large screen. It’s necessary to learn how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV firstly. How to charge Nintendo Switch without dock


How to connect Nintendo Switch?

1. Open the back cover of the Nintendo Switch Dock.


2. Connect the USB plug from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter into the top terminal of the dock labeled “AC ADAPTER,” then connect the other end of the AC adapter to a wall outlet.

3. Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the bottom terminal of the dock labeled “HDMI OUT,” then connect the other end into an HDMI port on your TV.


4. Close the back cover of the Nintendo Switch dock.

5. Press the Power button to turn on your Nintendo Switch; it’s on the top of the screen in the left corner. Select Connect to TV.

6. Detach the Joy-Con controllers from either side of the Switch, by holding the release button on the back and sliding the controllers upwards.


7. Select Next on Nintendo Switch.






8. Position the console so that the LCD screen faces in the same direction as the front panel on the dock, then insert the console into the dock. While the console is docked, the LCD screen will shut off.


9. Turn on the TV set, and select the correct HDMI input.

10. Select Success when your TV displays the image.


Can’t connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Solution 1: Try to connect the HDMI cable to all HDMI inputs on your TV. Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in solidly at both ends. And made sure that the TV input is on the same setting that the HDMI cable is connected to

Solution 2: If the method above is unworked. Try to turn off the Nintendo Switch and TV. Then turn on TV firstly. Wait 10-15 seconds and then turn on Nintendo Switch. Of course, you should do the right setting on TV as stated above.

Solution 3: Try to connect it to another TV or try another HDMI cable.

Solution 4: If you have tried all methods above and still unsuccessful. You may need to contact after sale.

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