Best Power Bank for Galaxy A3 and A5


As for Galaxy products, I believe that many of us were impressed by its products of S and Note series for its common use. But since Galaxy A3 and A5 launched as featured products in January, 2017, it has already made a stir. So, if you are a fan of these new products it must be necessary for you to get some information about the suitable power bank for a better use of your favorite phone. Here I would like to present some personal suggestions about the Best Power Bank for Galaxy A3 and A5.

About Galaxy A3 and A5


Galaxy A3 and A5 are two new products of Galaxy A series, which not only inherited many good performances of former Galaxy products but also hold the innovation functions of waterproof and dustproof.Galaxy A5 is carried withCPU Exynox7880, which makes the phone works smoothly in a high degree. Also, with its wonderful storage of 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, people holds the ability to download what they need and deal with their businesses efficiently. Compared with A5, A3 is less attractive but still can fulfill most people’s basic requirements.There are 4 colors available for both Galaxy A3 and A5—black, golden, blue, pink. You can easily get them in the phone store or on the Galaxy official website.

EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank


EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank is available for a high capacity of 20000mAh, which means you can effectively charge an iPhone 7 for 6 times, a Samsung S7 for 5 times or an iPad Mini 3 for 2 times. Quite an amazing performance! Furthermore, its unique 4A Dual ports input (charger adapter not included), can be super fast recharged in 6 hours, perfectly reducing the recharging time up to 50% than usual 20000mAh battery. Besides, its safety protection can also make it unique among the ordinary power banks. This power bank can effectively prevent your devices from overcharge, over current and short circuits as well as conforms to CE, RoHS and FCC.If something goes wrong in 18 months since you bought it, you can certainly ride it out by turning to the customer services. It is always trustworthy and helpful. We can see that all of these traits make it outstanding among the ordinary power banks.

Samsung Portable 5200mAh Fast Charge Power Bank


Samsung does really bring us some nice choices in its smartphone’s accessories.This power bank is attractive for its gorgeous looking and nice touch. Products with golden color always release its glorious and elegant, so does the Samsung golden official 5,200mAh fast charge power bank. Besides, since fast charge technology is so popular in these two years, Samsung takes it in the mini size products, which means it could provide you at least twice full-loop charge.

Zendure A2 6700mAh Power Bank


Zendure’s A2 6700mAh power bank hits the sweet spot between price, capacity and portability – and now available in black.This is the fourth time we’ve seen the Zendure A2, although it’s still in its second generation.The first release was a 6,000mAh power bank, which was upgraded to 6,400mAh and the price brought down for the second release. It’s absolutely the best power bank you can buy in the UK today.
You might think that every power bank holds the same performance in charging. But you would be wrong. Because when we choose a power bank capacity shouldn’t be the only criteria. You should also concentrate on the recharging time, its safety protection,warranty, etc. In short, it is necessary for every smartphone to get an appropriate power bank since a high performance always results in a low endurance.Finally, I hope that the above products can be of help to you to find the best power bank for Galaxy A3 and A5.


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