Top Virtual Reality Headsets


“Virtual” and “reality” seem two totally incompatible words, nowadays; they are combined with each other to be “virtual reality”. Simply, we say VR. Obviously, it is the technology to create a virtual environment presented to our senses in such a way that we can experience it as if we were really there. To achieve Virtual Reality, there are a range of systems are used, such as omni-directional treadmills, special gloves and headset. Get down to our business, headset is our topic today.


As VR technology is becoming cheaper and more widespread, it has being used in many fields. However, the application most close to our daily life is its use in entertainment, and most of time we need a headset to view three-dimensional images no matter through a computer screen or smartphone so that we can have a veritable experience in films and gaming.
Everything enjoyable and exciting is based on a great virtual reality headset, now it’s time for you to choose one top from the following options.


Oculus Rift
A common scene in science fiction movies to achieve something special is to let the person wear something big and complex devices like a monster. Thankfully, Oculus Rift headset is a less complicated beast than that but still serves you well to have a virtual reality experience. The headset itself is fairly lightweight at around 470g so that you can feel comfortable when you use it.
Based on humanized design, the detachable foam lining around the eyepiece ensures that you can wear it as tight as needed for visual clarity, yet not feel too constrained. And more, there are elasticated, adjustable straps for a perfect fit and stereo headphone. The headset itself is a switch to space the lenses to best suit your eyesight. You can move them closer or further apart so as to sharpen the image. In order to further reduce image blurriness, you can tight thee straps as much as possible.


When comes to screen, Oculus Rift uses OLED technology which is vibrant and rich when in use. It also has a resolution of 2160*1200 pixels in total, so serves 1080*1200 pixels to each eye. And to prevent nausea during movement, it comes with a 90HZ (90fps) refresh rate which ensures smooth action. You’re, meanwhile, provided with an Xbox One controller, a wireless dongle for it to communicate with your computer, and a small Oculus remote to interact with experiences that only require a few clicks.


Sony PlayStation VR
Compare to Oculus, SPSV is something less costly to own. It is an accessory for the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles. It tracks movement of your head and uses the PlayStation Camera, in combination with your regular PS4 controller or PlayStation Move motion controls, so you can experience the VR world. Although the resolution of SPSV is lower than that used by Oculus at 1080*980, it has a better refresh rate than most at 120HZ, ensuring smooth flowing action.


Importantly, the SPSV world has several mini-games and experiences, like The London Heist, The Playroom VR, Batman and so on. On the whole, the games are so immersive and cleverly designed. In total, as an accessory to an existing platform, PlayStation VR removes plenty of barriers to Virtual Reality.

Samsung Gear VR
Similar to other VR headsets, there are lenses in Gear VR to split the display between your eyes and with Samsung latest devices offering very high resolution display. Gear VR headset is designed to support a smartphone, instead of needing a connection to a PC or console, its release is good news to smartphone crazier. However, the dad news is that it only supports smartphone models from Samsung. If you are already a user of Samsung smartphone, Gear VR headset is a good choice for you. Because you can just spend around £100 to get the experience of playing through Land’s End.


As VR technology is still in the early days, it’ll be a lot of innovations to expect in the future. And it’ll undoubtedly cost you much money to afford a good one. Therefore, consider it carefully before deciding to have one.



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