Best Bluetooth Mouse for Samsung Tablet 2016



Do you feel it is sometimes inconvenient to use a tablet without assist of a mouse? Well, if you no longer want to use your finger as the pointing device while using your Samsung tablet, you will be happy with a wireless Bluetooth mouse. As is known to us, most of the Samsung tablets apply the Android system, in this article, the editor recommends 7 of the most popular and practical Bluetooth mice for Samsung tablet for you to choose from.


TeckNet Bluetooth Wireless Mouse-Grey

TeckNet Bluetooth mouse is of normal size; it is easy to carry and occupies little space. Besides, the ergonomic contoured shape provides user with all-day comfort. It’s also responsive and connects easily to your tablet. As for battery, it needs only one AA size battery. What’s more, it not only connects directly to your Samsung tablet, but also connects to Bluetooth-enabled computers running Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and 8( not for Windows 10), and it works smoothly with a Mac too.


HDE Ergonomic Bluetooth Optical Laser Mouse

HDE Bluetooth mouse works with Samsung tablet and connects effortlessly to it. The ergonomic design makes this device an ideal accessory for use. Besides, it is powered by two AAA batteries and has an on/off switch which helps you conserve power when you don’t need to use it. What’s more, the optical laser allows it for quick response, precise movement and smooth tracking, which provides you an excellent using experience.

As to compatibility, it is fully compatible with all Bluetooth 3.0 or earlier tablets, computers, laptops, Macbooks and other electric devices. It’s also compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX.

For those who are fastidious about color, it may be good news that HDE Bluetooth mouse has four colors for their choice: black, red, blue and grey.


JETech M0884 Bluetooth Mouse

JETech M0884 Bluetooth mouse has received high comments on Amazon for its great performance. As to appearance, it is cool, slim and has an ambidextrous design; this may satisfy those who are accustomed to using the left hand. Besides, since it applies the high-definition optical sensor, it is easy to operate. As to battery, only one AA battery is needed. What’s more, it pairs easily with Android OS tablet, PC and Mac; however, it is not compatible with Apple, iPhone and iPad.


Samsung S Action Bluetooth Mouse

Samsung S Action Bluetooth mouse is of tiny size and is portable. The sleek ergonomic design makes it comfortably accommodates your palm. Besides the strong surface accuracy enables it to be used almost everywhere. With five gesture function keys, the Samsung S Action Bluetooth mouse also makes the operation such as switching and closing apps, zooming in and out easier. What’s more, it applies the Bluetooth 3.0 technology and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and XP.


Logitech MX Master Bluetooth Mouse

This is a stylish and cool mouse. The perfectly sculpted, hand-crafted shape supports your hand and wrist in a comfortable and natural position. Being a little big and not portable though, it is still favored by users because it provides excellent scrolling experience. What’s more, it charges quickly—-it gets enough power for a full day of usage in only 4 minutes, and with a full charge it is able to last 40 days!


Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse is popular among users because it is quite practical and stylish. One of the most appealing highlights of this type of mouse is that you can curve it for use and flatten it for storage, which makes the mouse convenient, eye-grabbing and different from other kinds of mice. Besides, the tiny size makes it portable. And thanks to the BlueTrack Technology, it can be used anywhere responsively and precisely—-even on a rough wood surface or carpet.


Lenovo Bluetooth Touch Mouse N708

Lenovo Bluetooth touch mouse N708 is the most special one among the 7 recommendations. First, it can be used both as a Bluetooth mouse and a laser pointer, thus is useful for both office and professional users. Second, it can be used in two modes—- Bluetooth and 2.4 Hz wireless modes, which enables it to be used in various occasions. Besides using a tablet, you may have to use a computer sometimes; since not all the computers are Bluetooth-enabled, you will be happy with its 2.4 Hz wireless mode. And do notice that not all commercially available Bluetooth mice can be used in two modes!


Well, above are the best Bluetooth mice for Samsung tablet, they can also be used for some computers, PC and Mac of course. Each type has its own features. If you are interested in them, just search for detailed information on Google and choose the best one for you. Enjoy the convenience brought by the excellent Bluetooth mouse!

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  1. Hi I tried pairing the Microsoft arc touch bluetooth mouse with the Samsung Galaxy Tab s4 but the tab reads the mouse only as an input device (I.e. keyboard) and the cursor does not appear but asked for keyboard settings instead


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