How to Get Different Fonts on iPhone



Since people spend a large amount of time using their iPhone each day for communication and entertainment, an interesting font will probably bring some enjoyment for them. In this article, the editor will provide two measures for you to get different fonts on iPhone.

1.To Get Fonts via AnyFont App

AnyFont app can be used to change the default font on your iPhone without jailbreaking. It doesn’t support changing the system-font, however. Now let’s see the steps.


Step 1: Install AnyFont App

You can download the app from iTunes Store and App Store. Since it’s not for free, you’ll have to pay several dollars so as to download it.  

Step 2: Add Fonts on Your iPhone Using AnyFont

First, find the font you want to add by typing it into your search engine. For example, type “ttf” and you’ll find various websites with free downloads, some of which are useful. Second, add the font into your iPhone. You can achieve this by using the “Open in···” feature. For instance, you can email yourself a ttf file, tap on it and select “Open in···” and choose AnyFont as the destination.

Step 3: Use the New Font

After downloading the font into AnyFont, you can find it on the font list. Choose and install it now, and you can enjoy the new font on your iPhone.

2.To Get Fonts via BytaFont 3

BytaFont 3 can be used to change the system-font of your iPhone only after you jailbreak it. And the following are steps to get fonts via BytaFont 3.


Step 1: Install BytaFont 3

To do this, you should find the Cydia on the homepage and open it; after that, search for and install BytaFont 3.You may have to restart your iPhone, but it doesn’t matter, just do as the instruction says.

Step 2: Install Fonts for BytaFont 3

Open the BytaFont 3 app, browse the fonts and select the one you are interested in and download it. Notice that once you tap the “Download” bottom, you’ll be taken to the Cydia package of that font, and then you should tap “Install” bottom.


Step 3: Use the New Font

Since you have downloaded your favorite front, just close Cydia and open BytaFont 3 app now. Find the new font and apply it. You may have to restart your iPhone now, and just do it; do as the instruction tells you.


Finally I’d like to mention that to use the second measure you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone, which may void your warranty and perhaps makes it immune to OTA updates coming from Apple and may also cause data loss, so you’d better backup your phone before jailbreaking. To avoid risk, I strongly recommend the first measure for you unless you are very good at solving problems.

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