How to pair Android watch with iPhone


Following the release of Apple Watch, a lot of Android watch came into the market. Comparing to Apple watch, the price is the most remarkable superiority of Android watch. The cheapest Apple Watch Series 2 is the one with sports band which is sold $269. However, with $120 to $150, you have a plenty of choices among Samsung, ASUS, LG and more. Of course, you can cost less for an unfamous-brand Android watch or more for a high-end one, such as Huawei watch rose gold plated stainless steel with brown suture leather strap with a price of $619.Best Smartwatch with Camera Nevertheless, if you already have an iPhone, is purchasing an Android watch a clever choice still? Don’t worry. Let me tell you how to pair Android watch with iPhone.


Will my iPhone work with Android Watch?

Before you buy an Android watch, you need to know whether your iPhone is compatible with Android watch. According to the information published on Android official website, Android Wear requires a phone running Android 4.3+ or iOS 9+ and Android Wear for iOS is available for iPhone 5 and later. Supported features may vary between platforms. You can also visit to see if it’s compatible by yourself.


Which Android Watch should I choose for my iPhone?

Not all Android watch support to pair with iOS devices. So it’s better to check on Android official website before you buy one. The words below are quoted from that website.

“Watches that support iOS include: ASUS ZenWatch 2, ASUS ZenWatch 3, Huawei Watch, Fossil Q Founder, Fossil Q Marshal, Fossil Q Wander, LG Watch Urbane, LG Watch Urbane 2nd Ed, LG Watch Sport, LG Watch Style, Michael Kors Access Smartwatches, Moto 360 (2nd Gen), Moto 360 for Women, Moto 360 Sport, Polar M600, New Balance RunIQ, and TAG Heuer Connected.”

However, that’s not a complete accounting of available watches. It’s likely that any newer Android Wear watch will work fine with an iPhone. Some old Android watch may also be compatible as well.



How to pair Android watch with iPhone?

1. Download the Android Wear app on your iPhone.

2. Turn on your Android Watch and ensure it is reset to factory settings.

3. Open the Android Wear app and proceed through the instructions on your iPhone, until you reach the Connect to your watch screen.

4. Choose your language on your Android Watch.


5. Proceed through the instruction on your Android Watch until the Android Wear model shows up on your iPhone.

6. Tap the model number and accept Bluetooth Pairing Request on your iPhone. Ensure the pairing code matches the one on your watch.

7. Sign into your Google account when finish pairing.

8. Turn on watch notifications, location, calendar and more functions as you will. 



What functions of Android watch will miss when pairing with iPhone?

You can know what function your smartwatch should have from 15 Functions of Apple Watch. When you have an iPhone and an Android watch and pair them, these are the functions you will miss.

  • The Android Wear watch doesn’t integrate with the iPhone’s communication functionality. If you view a text message on your wrist, you can’t speak out a quick reply or dictate a new message with you voice. Nevertheless, Google has Google Assistant of its own.
  • You can only accept or reject phone calls on your wrist and reply on your phone. Many of the older Android Wear watches don’t have a speaker for two-way communication. There is just the microphone for spoken searches and commands. How to Answer or Make a Call on Apple Watch
  • Android Wear watches also don’t have third-party apps on iPhone.
  • Whatever your watch’s functionality, the Fit data doesn’t play nice with Apple’s Health as of this writing, so your data won’t funnel into the native iPhone tracking app.


Recommendable Android Wear Watch You Should Buy

#1 Motorola 1.56-Inch Moto 360 Smartwatch 23mm for Android and iPhone – Light Metal


#2 ASUS ZenWatch 2 Silver with Camel Leather Strap 41mm Smart Watch, IP67 Water Resistant


#3 LG Electronics G Watch – White


#4 Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch for Android 4.3 or Higher – Black Leather


#5 Huawei Smartwatch for iPhone, Android Smartphones – Retail Packaging – Gold/Sapphire


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