Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 cover

Suffered with the explosion of Samsung Note 7, the tycoon didn’t stop searching to providing more high quality service to customers. In January 2017, Samsung launched Galaxy A3 to be attractive as the first smartphone at the beginning of the year. With the 4.7-inch touchscreen display with 720 pixels, it makes you take photos with higher quality. Especially, the IP8 waterproof technology prompts your intention to get a Samsung Galaxy A3. Some updates get Galaxy A3 runs battery faster and this time A3 is a dual SIM smartphone which goes ahead of iPhone. However, you will find the A3 is powered by a 2350mAh battery. It’s not so hard to guess most of users will have to get a portable power bank for Galaxy A3 for daily use. About the battery pack, I’m writing this post for who has or who is going to have A3 and want to pick up a battery pack for it. Let’s start.

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 cover

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017


          1. Samsung Portable 5200mAh Fast Charge Power Bank

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, Samsung  5200mAh

When talking about Samsung smartphones, it’s very easy to consider that, should I have a portable power bank from the same brand? Yes, Samsung does really bring us some nice choices in its smartphone’s accessories. This power bank is so attractive to me because its gorgeous looking and nice touch. Products with golden color always release its glorious and elegant, so does the Samsung golden official 5,200mAh fast charge power bank. Fast charge technology is so popular this two years, Samsung takes it in the mini size products, which means it could provide you at least twice full-loop charge.

      2. Mophie Powerstation XXL External 20,000mAh Power Bank

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, mophie 20000mAh

Rose-gold is quite delightful and pleasant in spring, especially it’s a nice gadgets in the handbag for ladies. If you prepare the huge 20000mAh power bank from mophie for Samsung galaxy A3 2017, it could keep your devices charged throughout the day. That’s why we call it Mophie XXXL. With an absolutely titanic 20,000mAh capacity, the Powerstation Plus features three standard USB ports for Samsung Galaxy A3. In brief, it could provide Samsung A3 smartphone for almost 8 times once the power bank is fully charged. Get one and enjoy the whole day smartphone time.

       3. EasyAcc 13000mAh Power Bank

Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, EasyAcc 13000mAh

This is the Gen.3 power bank from EasyAcc monster series product. As the name describe, EasyAcc 13000mAh power bank is super powerful as a monster. This one is less than its senior, EasyAcc 20000mAh. Mini size with classic design, monster 130000mAh power bank carries on the trandition of EasyAcc. Color in black and orange, it’s always tops on the best-sellers. It’s also very useful if you have a A3 powered by a 2350mAh battery, 13000mAh equal to power to provide your smartphone with 5 times full-loop charged. And it makes us charge on the go.

Under the bottom

Do you have a go-to Samsung galaxy A3? If yes, I hope you will have an idea about which power bank should you have after reading this post. Or just comment below with your favorite brands.


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