Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Speaker


Nowadays, as smartphones and tablets are getting thinner and thinner, there is little room left for a speaker, which makes the sound quality become just as thin as well. If you are reluctant to make do with the poor sound quality, a good speaker can be of help to level up your musical experience. In this article, 5 different types of Bluetooth speakers are recommended for you to pick up.


1. EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker-Silver
EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which combines a 5w driver and a bass resonator together, can create an optimized sound filled with crisp highs and enhanced bass. This caters to the tastes of most music lovers. Besides the high sound quality, it also provides a stable connection for a consistent sound performance thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.1. What’s more, with four modes merged, it’s able to play music via Bluetooth, SD card, auxiliary cable and random radio. With so many ways to play music, you can enjoy yourself freely. Another advantage is that a single charge of this speaker achieves 10 hours playtime which is long enough for throwing a little party on.
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2. Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker
This type of speaker is of small size but multifunction. It has an awesome sound quality. With 8 symmetrically-placed drivers, it delivers a clean sound pressure level and fills large rooms and outdoor areas with rich, immersive sound easily. And it can play as long as 40 hours with one full charge. Besides, you don’t have to worry about its getting dirty or wrong when it is used outside, because it is rugged, waterproof and mudproof.


3. Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker is recommended first for its comparatively low price—-about 59 dollars. But the low price of it doesn’t mean a low quality. As to sound quality, you’d be pleased to find everyone dance to the playlist if you hold a party because it delivers surprisingly loud and stereo audio with a deep bass. Besides, it has a long battery of up to 10 hours. What’s more, it’s weather-tested up to IP66 standards, which means that it can be used outdoor even in wild weather.


4. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker
When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, many of you may think about Bose, which do has some reasons. First, thanks to dual opposing passive radiators, it delivers sound while keeping vibration to an absolutely minimum. Besides, it has a battery life of 8 hours, not quite long though, it can still enable you to enjoy your spare time of the day with the companion of the speakers and music. What’s more, since it’s water-resistant, those who are of active and mobile life style will appreciate it.


5. Harman Infinity One
Harman Infinity One is the most expensive one in the list, which equals its excellent performance. It is of great sound quality—-almost concert-level musical performance no matter it plays in the living room, on the grassland, in the park or anywhere else. And it has a battery life of up to 10 hours, and can be charged via USB.


Well, above are the five best sound quality Bluetooth speakers which I have chosen, what about sharing with your friends now and picking up the most suitable one for you together if you need one?


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