Best Wireless Sound System for TV


A good sound system can bring us into a beautiful music palace where people were surrounded by all kinds of musical note and are allowed to enjoy themselves totally and completely. Different from the traditional sound systems, wireless sound system provides the biggest convenience to users with its no wire related to the device, which means you may reduce the troublesome of contact failure when wires broken. Thus, if you have been bored with all the traditional sound systems wireless sound system bring a big surprise to you. Now, let me introduce some top wireless sound systems for TV use to you.

DOSS Cloud Fox(DS-1668)


DOSS Cloud Fox is a kind of WiFi speaker, which means you can simply let it work by using it to connect to your WiFi. Furthermore, there is a kind of APP named “listen to DOSS” also allows the user to take control of the speaker by using the app in the smart phone. It realizes multi-room control for you can broadcast your favorite music or TV show at any place in the WiFi area. Besides, as for most fashion lovers, its external design may make you be a firm fan of it. Its body is made of metal and the press-button is also metallic, which makes it textured and decent. To be concluded, it has perfectly fit the needs for music lover who likes to listen to music at home.

Emoi H0016


Emoi Hoo16 is a smart home audio lights. Although this stereo lamp is a new product. It was soon favored by young people after its coming to the market. So what actually makes it so special? Firstly, emoi H0016 has the built-in Bluetooth chip, which makes it easy to connect to any one of the Bluetooth devices with wireless connectivity. It has the effective transmission distance of 10, which ensures the biggest enjoyment for the users. In addition, it also supports app control, which means uses shall control the sound system at their preferences with the use of related app. Actually, what makes it different from others is the lighting equipment. Its lampshade is made of silica gel material, with an induction chip equipped with, you can open the light by simply beating the lampshade slightly. It is suitable to put it beside the bed because you can use it both to light up the room and listen to your favorite TV shows.



The Sonos has two special features that really set it apart from competitors. One is the Night Sound that is designed for viewers of late night TV that don’t want to wake up the neighbors. This functionality reduces the dynamic range of the audio that comes through the speakers as the volume is lowered. Soft sounds like dialogue are louder while louder sounds like explosions are softened.The second feature is speech enhancement and it works brilliantly. It makes voices sound clearer and deeper or richer which is a really nice bonus. The sound bar’s nine drivers provide more than adequate power to fill a large room without distorting the sound.The sound bar is pricey and if you really want to use it for music it should be paired with a Sonos subwoofer. If user experience, streaming music and simplicity is something you value then this could be the right TV speaker for you.


Wireless sound systems realize the possibility for users to broadcast their favorite music or TV shows without standing closely before a TV, which brings new experience and big convenience for users. If you are the people who likes to stay at home and listen to music, you may find anyone of them useful. And if you prefer to the enjoyment of both listening and lighting, Emoi basic living H0016 may be your best choice.


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