4 Coolest Bluetooth speakers 2017


The born of Bluetooth speaker makes it easier to enjoy music. No longer need to carry audio cable and charging cable with you. One charge can even last for over one day, 24 hours. However, Bluetooth speaker is no longer just a music player device. It could also be a decoration, a fashionable accessory and a symbol of your fashion taste. There are 4 coolest Bluetooth speakers in 2017 I want to introduce to you.

#1 UE ROLL 2—most fashionable waterproof Bluetooth speaker for exercise 

UE ROLL 2 is a waterproof and compact Bluetooth speaker. Its waterproof level is IPX7 which means it can be submerged in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. So if you bring it to beach or swimming pool. You needn’t worry about dropping it into water or splashed by liquids. Those kinds of accidents could be totally handled by it. Won’t do any harm to its sound quality.


If you wish it can near you when you lie above water and enjoy the sunshine, a Floatie accessory will be needed because UE ROLL 2 doesn’t float. With the Floatie accessory, EU ROLL 2 can float above water. Don’t you think this is pretty cool?


UE ROLL 2 not only suits for beach or somewhere near water. It’s a good choice to bring it when rock climbing, biking or hiking. There is a thick bungee cord attached on it which enables you to hook the EU ROLL 2 onto things and carried more easily. Even more, its sound is 15% louder than other EU speakers. You can enjoy high-quality music outdoors. Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Speaker


Deserve to be mentioned, EU ROLL 2’s battery can last for 9 hours according to official data. And it has a larger wireless range of up to 30 meters or 98 feet. The most attractive feature is its appearance. Round but fairly slim with two large volume control button which is super cool.

Current Price: $99

#2 JBL PULSE 2—most colorful Bluetooth speaker 

JBL PULSE 2 is a compact and splashproof Bluetooth speaker. It delivers strong sound for its size and distinguishes itself with an integrated light show. The cool ‘interactive’ light is the reason why I call it the most colorful Bluetooth speaker. There is a button on the speaker itself which you can press to toggle through 12 different light show options, including fire, rain and fireworks. Besides, JBL PULSE 2 speaker’s light could be adjusted remotely via the companion app for iOS and Android devices.


The most magic feature is that there is a prism sensor embedded in the speaker that allows you to hold a colored piece of paper or colored object up to it and press a button on the speaker and have the LEDs change to that color.


As expected, its light show plays off your music and matches its mood. You can also download ambient sounds via the app, such as waves, fire, rain and stars to enhance the light themes and create some white noise. As you know, white noise can enhance the quality of sleep.

Current Price: $157

#3 Groove Cube—the smallest Bluetooth speaker ever 

According to the listing on Amazon, Groove Cube is the smallest Bluetooth speaker ever about the size of an iPhone charger, 26.8×26.8×28.5mm. It is just 0.8 ounces. Even to my surprise, it has integrated Microphone which enables you to answer a phone call with it. Its rechargeable battery can last 1.5 hours for one charge. Although it isn’t long enough, it’s very powerful for such a vest-pocket device. There is a strap in box you can decorate on the speaker and hang the speaker on you key ring by it.


However, different opinions were given to its sound quality. Some people said due to its small size and cheap price, the poor sound quality can be accepted. And even if they don’t use it for music playing, it can be just a decoration. Best cheap portable Bluetooth speakers 2017 Others have different opinion. They think sound quality is the basic request for a speaker. You may have your own ideas. Reviews of The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker Groove Cube

Current Price: $11.95

#4 Marshall Woburn—the loudest Bluetooth speaker with a retro look 

Woburn is Marshall’s largest and loudest product in this category and needless to say, it is built to rock & roll! Marshall’s full name is Marshall Amplification, an English company that designs and manufactures music amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and brands personal headphones and, having acquired Natal Drums, drums and bongos. Its founder Jim Marshall first went into business in 1962. Its long history may be the reason for its vintage appearance. The vintage-looking front fret, gold-colored metal details, and that iconic script logo bring you back to 50 years ago while you play music through it.


This loudspeaker hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with ease and has a clear, lifelike mid-range. The analogue treble, bass and volume knobs give you custom control of your sound. With unique sound design and quality components, it’s made to deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range. Ranging from classic rock to jazz, classical and vocals and even at a volume of 3 out of 10, the sound from this is more than enough to fill the largest room in your house. You get some deep, satisfying bass and crisp highs too. It really begs you to crank it up and disturb the neighbors. Hold a party with Marshall Woburn will be the coolest thing ever.


Current Price: $445

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