Top Rated Smartwatches 2016


If there is no need for you to keep checking your social works, your e-mail inbox or any of the important connected services you subscribe to, you may need a Smartwatch for you will find yourself picking up your smartphone far less during the day. Meanwhile, you can ask more from your Smartwatch as Smartwatch, nowadays, are already being used by fitness app suppliers, which means your Smartwatch, to some extent, is your fitness tracker.


Smartwatches are rapidly becoming the accessory to have, both for manufactures and consumers. Strapping a second screen to your wrist, with either a touchscreen or some well thought out buttons, is the new geek fashion. So what are top rated Smartwatches in 2016?
As we all know, it’s hard to find just one best watch for all types of smartphones. Outside of a few exceptions, close to all Smartwatches need to be paired with a smartphone to fully function. As a result, this article will give some guideline to different best Smartwatches for different type of mobile phones.


Apple Watch Series 2—- best Smartwatch for iOS
If you’re an iPhone owner and you want to join the wearable revolution, the Apple Watch Series 2 would be one of your choices. It builds upon the design of the first interaction with GPS and waterproof functionality. If you are swimmer you would be fancy with it because it is water resistance to 50 meters and contains a new lighting-fast dual core processor. What’s more, it has a display that’s two timers brighter than before. With the Series 2 Apple has shifted the focus to fitness, Apple has even introduced a new Breathe app to help you relax. It is clear that Apple’s intentions are making a big play for sports watch owners. With the three rings for Move(steps), Exercise(active minutes) and Stand( amount of hours in the day where you got up and moved) all tracked, it’s hard for you not to be a fans of it because these three metrics offer a decent way to ensure you’re leading a healthier lifestyle.
Of course, Apple Watch Series 2 isn’t your only choice. If you want something else, there are a whole host of iOS compatible Smartwatches on the market. You can choose one based on your own requirements.


Sony Smartwatch 3—- best Smartwatch for Android
If you’re an Android user, then you should steer clear of the Apple Watch. As I mentioned before, Smartwatches need to be paired with a smartphone your smartphone to fully function. So what’s the best Smartwatch for Android in 2016? The answer should be Sony Smartwatch 3.


The Smartwatch 3 has the increasingly rare distinction of featuring a square rather than circular display— which depending on your preferences could be a good thing. The same as Apple Watch Series 2, the Smartwatch 3 was the first Android wear device to have built in GPS— ideal if you want a device that doubles up as a fitness tracker too. And unlike other Smartwatches which rely on wireless charging, the Smartwatch 3 can be charged up using a normal micro-USB cable. This means that wherever you go, there will be possible for you to give some extra juice for your watch.


It is a more fitness-focused device than most Smartwatches, as while it lacks a heart rate monitor it has built in GPS, so you can leave your phone behind when you go on a jog or even take swimming since it is waterproof too.

All in all, it’s a powerful and well-equipped wearable with a good screen and reasonable battery life.
The two options are all about my own opinions, no matter whether they are in your tastes, one thing should be paid attention to is that before buying any Smartwatch, you should consider what type of phone you are using. I hope this article could be helpful for you.


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